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Sunday Stillness – What is Prayer? LINK

Sunday Stillness – What is Prayer?

What is Prayer?

As I have spent more time with God the past few days He has shown me something I didn’t really know before. Well I guess I knew it but it didn’t really sink in. Here is the question I have been asking myself.

What is prayer?

I thought it was a conversation with God but now I think it is more than that. Reading from Oswald Chambers this month I came across this statement:

Prayer is perfect and complete oneness with God.

Wow – not just talking and listening but really being in communion with God. I like that. The more time I spend with Him, reading His Word – and thinking, and studying and really sitting down… yup sitting down with Him – then we get closer.

About 15 years ago when I first started my journey to learn about Jesus and God I drew a picture. Here is what it looked like. My fervent wish at that time was to move my line closer to God. Over these years I feel that has happened.


And looking back in my journal from 2001 I found I wrote this. “I am ready for a full productive day.” And that was after time with God in prayer and study.



Now I don’t do it right all the time – or even most of the time. But sometimes, I feel like I’ve understood.

Just sit with God.

Slow down and take that time to rest in Him. He always gives me more than enough time to get “other stuff” done. And He even gives me help in ways that I couldn’t have imagined.

If you are feeling rushed, frustrated, angry, out of sorts – may I suggest you stop right now. Stop reading. Stop typing, stop everything and breathe in the breath of God. He will lower your blood pressure. He will stop the headaches. He will give you the peace you need and the strength to keep going.


What is prayer? Is it talking or listening to God? Or is it more? (tweet this)


Today is Sunday Stillness.


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Can I Joy Dare You? Week 30

Can I Joy Dare You? Week 30


Butterfly Batik Watercolour by Janis Cox

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As I continue to count the gifts I feel like I have been on a scavenger hunt seeking new things. Thanks so much to Ann Voskamp for leading this journey.

Last week I attended a full week art course at Haliburton School of the Arts. It was called Experimental Watercolour by Kal Honey.

Kal pushed us; he pulled us; he told us to stop thinking and just paint; he told us to forget about the product and just work with the process.

My head is full. I want to paint but my computer calls. On Monday I did take time to play, and explore my paints. Fun.

Here is my list from this week:

July 24 ~ 3 gifts sand

      • I recall a cute statement from my granddaughter while walking around our roads in early summer. “These roads look like the beach, grandma.” Our roads were still covered with winter sand.
      • sandpainting: Something that I must try for Creative Saturdays
      • I love building castles, moats, digging holes and just the feel of wet sand through my fingers and toes

July 25 ~ 3 gifts endings

      • on this day I am at the 1/2 way point of my art class – hard work, but I don’t like endings

Week 30 Janis'-paintings - Haliburton School of the ARts - Kal Honey

      • when is a piece of art work finished – we talked about “endings” in our art class


      • Jesus knew when His time was ending on earth. And He knew it was accomplished when He said, “It is finished”.

July 26 ~ 3 gifts fresh

      • today is a new start – a promise of diversity in my art, in my life – less computer time and more living
      • fresh look at myself – I needed this week taking my art course to know that somehow I could take 40 hours from my regular week and still get my posts up, cook dinners, and even go for a boat ride
      • Jesus renews me every morning so I can start each day fresh

July 27 ~ a gift on vacation, at home, in relaxation

      • vacation: I am looking forward to our trip to Poland in the fall
Week-30-Poland Trip 2010 - Janis Cox

Poland Trip 2010 with International Messengers

      • at home: I am putting my art supplies into a meaningful order
      • relaxation: taking a few days to reflect after a very full intensive week

July 28 ~ 3 gifts beginnings

      • a new painting outlook – fun!
Journal - Janis Cox - Series on Bird

Journal – Janis Cox – series on BIRD


Journalling – series on Birds – Janis Cox


Journalling a series of BIRD

      • reorganizing my writing plan
      • on a steering committee for a new outreach for Haliburton

July 29 ~ 3 gifts together

      • we have great fun together at my daughter’s and son-in-law’s trailer
      • I love how our family works and plays together
      • my hubby and I have been together for 42 years (married) but have known each other for 45 years

July 30 ~ 3 gifts heard


Butterfly Watercolour Batik by Janis Cox

Watercolour Batik Butterfly card by Janis Cox