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Door – Scribble Picnic

The prompt this week is door for #ScribblePicnic. I hadn’t picked up a paint brush and my watercolour for a long time. Not since I finished the last picture for I Remember – The Seasons. It was good to get back into it. I enjoyed the process again.

Now I should be ready to start on our next book in the series. I needed this boost.

Interestingly enough while my sister-in-law visited us in Arizona she showed us pictures of her travels to Europe. She is fascinated with doors and door knobs. She has sent me some of the pictures. This one is from Tier, Germany and she is sure it is a door to a church.

I noticed many doors in Germany were arched like this one.

Here is the original picture.door

Here is my process. I started using wet on wet and this photo below was still wet when I took the picture.





Trying to be true to the photo I darkened the door – but I think I like the one above before I darkened it. Too bad – can’t get it back. But I might try lightening it if I can – highlights always help. What do you think?


This exercise reminds me of a door we entered in Rome. We climbed up the back steps – it looked as if it might be a church but there was nothing outstanding – very white, no adornments. We walked in – and my goodness – it was stunning. The ceilings were very high, painted and the colour in the room was beautiful.

So we never know what is behind a door. (tweet this)

And we can think about that with people. Do we really know who they are? Is their door open or shut? Sometimes when we say, “Hi, how are you doing?” do we mean it? Have you really taken the time lately to ask someone how they really are?

I do hope everyone has someone to open up to.

Can you let your door open to another person? (Tweet this)

I am willing to listen. You can email me anytime. Email Janis.

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