Door – Scribble Picnic

The prompt this week is door for #ScribblePicnic. I hadn’t picked up a paint brush and my watercolour for a long time. Not since I finished the last picture for I Remember – The Seasons. It was good to get back into it. I enjoyed the process again. Now I should be ready to start… Continue reading Door – Scribble Picnic

Heart Message 3 – Heart for Church

My Heart for Church and a Linkup I started to think about church this morning and all the different questions of why we attend church and how God speaks to me through church involvement. I want to show you my heart for Church. My church experiences haven’t been without heartache and frustration. But during it… Continue reading Heart Message 3 – Heart for Church

Watchful Wednesdays – Who Is Your Gang?

Watchful Wednesdays – Who Is Your Gang? Looking at a video from Mr. Rogers’ acceptance speech for the LIfe Achievement Award, Janis realizes that God wants a community with Himself and others. Join the Sunday Stillness community.


“Ascencial” Truth – Sermon by Rev. Harold Morgan This weekend was the 24th of May Weekend – celebrating Queen Victoria’s birthday in Canada. Our minister, Harry, spoke about kingship, and ascension to the throne. In the secular world there is much pomp given to the ascension of a king/queen. Gifts are given and received. The… Continue reading “ASCENCIAL” TRUTH – Sermon


Prayer for our Churches by Jan Cox               A prickly subject – pastoral abuse! Too many times have I heard stories of churches being torn apart by exploding and imploding church boards. Everyone is hurt, especially the pastor. Can we see it coming? In hindsight yes. Most often not… Continue reading PRAYER FOR OUR CHURCHES