Heart Message 3 – Heart for Church

My Heart for Church and a Linkup

I started to think about church this morning and all the different questions of why we attend church and how God speaks to me through church involvement. I want to show you my heart for Church.

My church experiences haven’t been without heartache and frustration. But during it all I never stopped going to church and God has been faithful to show me that indeed church is essential to my growth in Him.

My Home Church – Haliburton Unitedheart for church

In Haliburton, Ontario where we live, we attend a small church  (maybe 150 people total) in the village. It is a three pastoral charge which means that most Sundays our minister does three services starting at 8:30 am until about 1pm. We are the last stop on his Morgathon – yes that’s what we call it. Our minister’s name is Rev. Harry Morgan. Only if you have supplied for him would you know the energy it takes to do those services. As I followed Ali Matthews one Sunday when she supplied for Harry, although I didn’t do any preaching – I just greeted and set up and drove, I felt exhausted by 1pm.

Heart for church
Celebrating Communion and Canadian Thanksgiving
heart for church
Stained Glass Windows
Heart for church
Rev. Harry singing with the kids
heart for church
Contemporary Service
heart for church
Decorated Christmas tree

As you can see in the pictures above our church loves to decorate when we celebrate a season.

Once a month we have a contemporary service. Harry plays the guitar so it falls well into his gifts to do this. My hubby and I like the contemporary service. I am an upbeat person and the guitar (and sometimes drums) makes me feel alive. I sing the words and remember them. Our songs have many words taken from Scriptures and this is a good way to memorize God’s Word.

We have attended Haliburton United since 2004 after we moved to the village. As a Bible-based church we focus on God’s Word and our motto is “To Know Christ and Make Him Known”.  My knowledge of the Bible has increased exponentially since we have been going there. Harry encourages us to read and study God’s Word daily – and I do.

What else do I like about our church?

We are community based – we house an Adult Day Care; an Outreach program for moms; we have community dinners, and choirs practice under our roof. We run 2 Bible studies as well.

Our minister holds “Bible Beer and Burgers – BBB” once a month in a restaurant in town bringing people in who won’t necessarily attend church, to ask questions and talk on a certain topic. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Harry also tapes his sermons. You can listen to them here.

Our New Church In Arizona – Via Church

heart for church

Then we leave town in October and head to Arizona. We have attended a number of churches down here over the past 6 years. We haven’t found the “right” one yet. But we are attending a lovely church that might be the “right” one. It is called Via Church. This Sunday we will join a group called Merge to find out more about this church. We enjoy the music and the teachings have been very thorough and pointed about reading God’s Word every day. This church’s goal focuses on reaching out to the community and getting Christ into the community. They are a much bigger church than we are used to in Canada, so it’s hard, as Snowbirds, to get connected. I will be working on it this winter – to actually get connected.

The Pastor also tapes his services. You can see and hear them here.

I attend church regularly because I have a heart for church (tweet this)

In both churches I love the praise and worship time. As we sing to God I feel that I can see Him smiling and saying, “Well done”.

It was Jesus’ habit to attend the synagogue regularly so I know that it must be important.

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart (Jeremiah 29:13, NIV).

What are your feelings about church? Does church warm your heart? Do you have a heart for church? (tweet this)

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  1. I love the Body of Christ, and so I really enjoyed reading your post about how much your church means to you. Our countries are sprinkled with little churches doing mighty things for the Lord. The outreaches your church is involved in are wonderful. Hearts to God, hands to man. Thank you for the reminder of how important the local church is.

  2. Me, too! it’s my family. I kinda wish it were smaller – (Don’t tell anyone..haha) but my growth group and women’s bible study help give it that more intimate feeling. and I’m friends w/ the pastor– enough to send him encouraging emails. we all need encouragement. blessings on you and your church families!

  3. As a pastor’s wife, church life has been both full of joy and victory and full of pain and hurt. Life lived with fallible human beings is like that! God never meant us to walk this Christian life alone, we are to be His body with each individual part intricately connected and doing its part.

  4. Enjoyed reading about the community involvement that your church has in Haliburton. The pictures are lovely. The church is an important part of my life too–Jesus instituted the church for our encouragement and growth.

  5. It’s so much fun to “visit” in a friend’s church.

    Even with all it’s problems and challenges, the church is Christ’s body, and God’s chosen means for bringing about His kingdom on this earth.

    We recently called a new pastor to our church — his most recent church home was in Ontario, Canada, and his wife is a Canadian citizen, so we are going through all the paperwork process to get her situated here in Maine.

    Blessings, Janis. Any more thoughts on our friend, J.I. Packer? I’m slowing reading my way through Chapter 1 and wading in blessing!

    1. Michele,
      I had a fun time writing this post. And I agree that the church is a learning spot for God’s people – with all our foibles and drawbacks we continue to meet together to celebrate our Lord. What part of Ontario did your new Pastor come from. We are getting drawn closer and closer to each other. How cool is that?
      PS – I will email on Packer ideas.

  6. What a beautiful church your Halliburton church is!

    I, too, have a heart for church. As a ministry assistant for two churches, I’ve dedicated my life to serving the church. I have experienced much love, and also much frustration, too. However, I still believe God intends us to do life with a body of believers.

    How cool is it that you get to be a part of two churches? Praying that VIA is the answer to your quest for a church home in Arizona.

    1. Thank Jerralea,
      It is a beautiful church – It is a very old church – the first one burned down. It would be coming up to 100 years soon. Frustration I think is God’s way of teaching us grace and forgiveness. And yes seeing different churches opens horizons of how God’s people worship Him.

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