HAHFA – Heart Number 5

HAHFA  – Hands and Hearts for Africa A few years ago my friend Fran Gray surprised me when she told me she planned to go to Africa on a mission trip. At that time the organization, Hands and Hearts for Africa, HAHFA, had a goal to fundraise for mosquito nets. This intrigued me and I wanted to… Continue reading HAHFA – Heart Number 5

Heart Message 3 – Heart for Church

My Heart for Church and a Linkup I started to think about church this morning and all the different questions of why we attend church and how God speaks to me through church involvement. I want to show you my heart for Church. My church experiences haven’t been without heartache and frustration. But during it… Continue reading Heart Message 3 – Heart for Church

Heart Message Two

Heart Message Two Last week I told you what had been on my heart since publishing The Kingdom of Thrim. This week I have written about another heart message. What’s on your heart? Does God give you heart messages? He certainly does talk to us. Last week I told you one heart message. This week is number… Continue reading Heart Message Two

Lord I give you my heart

Creative Tuesdays – Lord, I give you my heart. With the prompt of “heart” I immediately thought of the song, Lord I give you my heart. Find out more about my faith story.   Today is Creative Tuesdays. Our prompt was: “Home is where the heart is” and “Love will guide you home.” So, for… Continue reading Lord I give you my heart


Simply Saturday Resource for Canadian flag http://www.webweaver.nu/clipart/canada-day.shtml The Three H’s by John Maxwell (Wednesday, June 29, 2011) I have been receiving daily one-minute messages on video by John Maxwell. His snippets of wisdom can really start my day off well. Watch this: Today’s (Wednesday) word is COMMUNITY. In a nutshell John Maxwell says that no… Continue reading SIMPLY SATURDAY – The Three H’s


Heart of the Matter by T. L. Wiens It is amazing how the similar words from two different people can lead two very different directions. King Saul and King David are a perfect example of similar words, different heart. In I Samuel 15, Saul has disobeyed the command of the Lord. Instead of destroying everything during… Continue reading HEART OF THE MATTER