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Simply Saturday – Forgiveness

This is the day that I have given myself five minutes to write on a topic. Today I have chosen forgiveness.

I listen to John Maxwell ‘s daily one-minute talks. The other day he talked on forgiveness. I have put the link at he bottom of this post.

To me forgiveness is necessary to get close to God. As long as I harbour any resentment there is a barrier between us. I remember a passage in the Bible.

“For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you” (Matthew 6:14 NIV).

A friend of mine found herself in a situation that required her complete surrender to God. She knew she had found forgiveness from God. But she still had unforgiveness in her heart because of the circumstances that happened. When I told her that she needed to forgive those people who had wronged her – she said: “No”. It felt good to feel angry. But it destroyed the peace that she sought. When she decided to try to forgive them, it took much courage. The result startled her. In that act of forgiveness she felt a freedom she never had before and a peace that passeth all understanding.

My time is up.

How do you feel about forgiveness? Have you had a weight lifted from your shoulders when you decided to forgive someone?

John Maxwell – forgiveness


Simply Saturday

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The Three H’s by John Maxwell (Wednesday, June 29, 2011)

I have been receiving daily one-minute messages on video by John Maxwell. His snippets of wisdom can really start my day off well.

Watch this:

Today’s (Wednesday) word is COMMUNITY.

In a nutshell John Maxwell says that no matter where we are or where we live, or what circumstances we are in, people respond to three things:

  1. Heart – showing love to one another – and a faith community can do that
  2. Humour – even in different cultures people love to know that you are enjoying yourself with them
  3. Hope – this is what helps us to keep going – press on in our faith. We look forward to our future.

Please watch the video. John says it so much better than I can write it down.

And join his community where you can get his one-minute messages every day.

Do you agree with his message? I know that when I head to Poland on a mission trip in the middle of July I will be holding on to this message. It is exactly what we have been told to remember.

Blessings and Happy Canada Day – yesterday, July 1.