What Will Heaven Look Like?

Image by Pixabay One thing I am sure of — we will not be floating on clouds with the angels. We will have an earth. But it will be different. Come with me as I travel through some scripture to figure out how this will look. First, look at water Water — we have lots of water on this planet. Actually,… Continue reading What Will Heaven Look Like?

Enough – Five Minute Friday

Enough of Me Joining Kate at Five Minute Friday #FMFparty. The word is “enough”. Write for 5 minutes. Go. Sometimes it feels like I’ve had enough. What about you? Too many things going wrong arguments cooking and cleaning confusion sickness But then I stop. I realized it’s me. It’s not what I’m doing, or what others… Continue reading Enough – Five Minute Friday

Sunday Stillness – Isaiah 40:8

Sunday Stillness – Isaiah 40:8 As we head into the end of summer I look at the beautiful wildflowers. Striking in colours, variety and shape they show the imagination of our Creator God. But as we know they must end their lives to begin again next spring. So too we will come to an end… Continue reading Sunday Stillness – Isaiah 40:8


Sense of Wonder in Prayer by Judith Lawrence “Prayer is the art of presence. Where there is no wonder there is little depth of presence. The sense of wonder is one of the key sources of prayer. Wonder at the adventure of being here is one of the special qualities of humans.…Sometimes in humans profound… Continue reading SENSE OF WONDER IN PRAYER


“Ascencial” Truth – Sermon by Rev. Harold Morgan This weekend was the 24th of May Weekend – celebrating Queen Victoria’s birthday in Canada. Our minister, Harry, spoke about kingship, and ascension to the throne. In the secular world there is much pomp given to the ascension of a king/queen. Gifts are given and received. The… Continue reading “ASCENCIAL” TRUTH – Sermon

GOODBYE – Five Minute Fridays

Goodbye This is an opportune time for the word “goodbye” as we leave for Canada next Wednesday. When I say goodbye it is always in hopes that, God willing, I will see everyone in Arizona next year. Then of course, in the fall, it is the reverse – saying goodbye to my home town friends.… Continue reading GOODBYE – Five Minute Fridays