5 Ways to Simplify your Work Life

To Simplify isn’t Easy, you know Today on Five Minute Friday the prompt is SIMPLIFY. Write for 5 minutes. Setting the Timer: Go I totally agree with Kate when she wrote about over doing it. I have done that before. I think there are 5 major things we can do to simplify our lives. Start… Continue reading 5 Ways to Simplify your Work Life

Crucified With Christ

Crucified With Christ – What does that mean? Word of God Speak Linkup For the next weeks I will be joining Lisa Morris as she delves into studying 17 New Testament Books in 17 Weeks.  That is the link to her Facebook Group if you wish to join us. This week we are studying Galatians and particularly looking… Continue reading Crucified With Christ

What I Want to Learn about Prayer

I started Under the Cover of Prayer in 2010 because I felt God calling me to bring pray-ers together; to teach more about all the facets of prayer; and to make me a better pray-er.

Sunday Stillness – Isaiah 40:8

Sunday Stillness – Isaiah 40:8 As we head into the end of summer I look at the beautiful wildflowers. Striking in colours, variety and shape they show the imagination of our Creator God. But as we know they must end their lives to begin again next spring. So too we will come to an end… Continue reading Sunday Stillness – Isaiah 40:8