Creative Tuesdays – A bouquet

Creative Tuesdays – A bouquet This week the challenge was to take the flower we created from last week and add it to a bouquet. Here is last week’s flower – a carnation. And this week here is my bouquet. Of course I had to look up verses about flowers. I thought about the short… Continue reading Creative Tuesdays – A bouquet

Sunday Stillness – Isaiah 40:8

Sunday Stillness – Isaiah 40:8 As we head into the end of summer I look at the beautiful wildflowers. Striking in colours, variety and shape they show the imagination of our Creator God. But as we know they must end their lives to begin again next spring. So too we will come to an end… Continue reading Sunday Stillness – Isaiah 40:8

ACHE – Five Minute Fridays

I have decided to continue this Friday writing for 5 minutes. Linking onto The Gypsy Mama with word is ACHE. Here are the rules: Around here we write for five minutes flat on Fridays. We write because we love words and the relief it is to just write them without worrying if they’re just right… Continue reading ACHE – Five Minute Fridays


Prayer – Try It by Jan Cox This has been a different type of week for me. My 94-year-old dear Mother passed away a week ago Thursday. This meant a trip back from Arizona to Canada to deal with her affairs, plan a celebration service and meet with family and friends. An emotional time, but… Continue reading PRAYER – TRY IT


In God’s Hands By Mary Haskett How do we pray I wondered. My husband and I had received the devastating news that he had terminal cancer. Chemo and radiation were not an option— neither would halt the inevitable. My husband received the news calmly.  He sat in the clinic room and told the doctor about… Continue reading IN GOD’S HANDS