Five Minute Friday: Regret

This week the writer’s prompt from Five Minute Fridays is REGRET. We have 5 minutes to write what comes to us — quickly. Little editing. Just write. Go: Clock is ticking This post first published on I will admit I hate that word — regret. It has a negative tone and I am a positive person.… Continue reading Five Minute Friday: Regret

Live in Constant Contact with God

Live in Constant Contact with God – Word of God Speak linkup This week was launch week for The Kingdom of Thrim my new children’s book. In my book Yoj, a happy doll maker, learns it’s best to keep in constant contact with God and give his best where God has put him. If you… Continue reading Live in Constant Contact with God

Crucified With Christ

Crucified With Christ – What does that mean? Word of God Speak Linkup For the next weeks I will be joining Lisa Morris as she delves into studying 17 New Testament Books in 17 Weeks.  That is the link to her Facebook Group if you wish to join us. This week we are studying Galatians and particularly looking… Continue reading Crucified With Christ


Are You Crossing the Line? by Patricia Day  The term ‘crossing the line’ means: to cross boundaries; to disrespect another’s rights or privacy; to give in to temptation and break rules or laws that are put in place to direct one, in society. Recently, on a journey, I encountered serious snow squalls.  The line showing… Continue reading ARE YOU CROSSING THE LINE?


Into His Presence with Love by Mary Haskett Thoughts of my church’s past Easter services keep popping into my mind, hymns and songs of praise and worship. On Good Friday our pastor reminded us that it truly was a good Friday. He pointed out God’s goodness in sending His son to die for us, and… Continue reading INTO HIS PRESENCE WITH LOVE

GRIT – Five Minute Fridays

I haven’t written in a while. Today I read the Gypsy Mama’s post called Grit. On Fridays she encourages us to write for 5 minutes so I thought, “Why not?” So here is my post on “Grit”. Here are the rules: Around here we write for five minutes flat on Fridays. We write because we… Continue reading GRIT – Five Minute Fridays


A Reason to Pray by Staci Stallings Recently I was reading Nancy Stafford’s Beauty by the Book. She pointed out something I hadn’t thought of. Words associated with Christ often start with the prefix re- as in renew, refresh, restore, resurrection. Words associated with Satan, however, often start with either de- or dis- Destroy, discourage,… Continue reading A REASON TO PRAY


A Specific Prayer by Jan Cox Sin – how do we get rid of it? When can we say we are truly His, filled with the Holy Spirit and walking with Him? Oswald Chambers in April 10th’s reading says: “It takes a long time to come to a moral decision about sin, but it is… Continue reading A SPECIFIC PRAYER