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Watchful Wednesdays – Prayer

Watchful Wednesdays – Prayer


That seems to be the word I hear constantly during the day.


Pray for this. Pray for that. Don’t forget to pray again for this.

Even our pastor here in Arizona did a session on prayer. He used the book The Circle Maker. You can listen to his sermon, Think Long.

Some nuggets and tweetables:

God’s ability to answer our prayers is bigger than our ability to listen.

Don’t quit praying. (You may be one prayer away from the answer you seek.)

We overestimate what we can do in one year, but underestimate what we can do in 10 years.

Don’t think less of ourselves but do think of ourselves less.

I am striving this week to really listen to when the Holy Spirit says PRAY. What about you?


Watchful Wednesdays – Who Is Your Gang?

Watchful Wednesdays – Who is Your Gang?


The other day I came across a speech by Mr. Rogers on Emily Freeman’s blog. My kids were regular viewers of Mr. Rogers and his Neighbourhood.

In 1997 Fred Rogers received a Life Time Achievement Award. Here is the acceptance speech.

In one part of his speech he asks the audience for 10 seconds of silence in which to remember those who made a difference in their lives.

Today I am calling those people your “gang”.

Who are those people who have made a difference in who you are? Take 10- 20- 30 or more seconds to quietly thank God for these people.

God wants us in community. (tweet this)

God wants us in a community with Himself. That is why He sent His Son, Jesus, to bring us back into community with Him.

God wants us in community.

God wants us in a community with others. Jesus wants us to build His Church so we can be part of this community.

But we need to work on it. It can be messy.

I am reading a book called Community is Messy by Heather Zempel. She states:

Community is the very essence of his [Jesus’] character. The complex doctrine of the Trinity demonstrates to us that God exists in community with himself. And ultimately that’s what he was dying for. To restore community. Between humankind and God. And within the mess of humankind itself (page 18, Community is Messy).


Thank You, Lord for the gang you have given me. Thank You for building a strong bond of faithful fellowship between us. Thank You for allowing me to enter into fellowship with You. Thank You for Jesus in whose Name I pray. AMEN.

Join us on Sunday for Sunday Stillness – where we are building a new strong faithful online community – a Gang for Jesus.



Watchful Wednesdays

Watchful Wednesdays


Even Snowball sees what is going on around her. Are you watching?

I am on blogging holiday this week. Please read the wonderful posts and link your own as we watch what God is doing in our lives.


Please feel free to link your posts if you are talking about the gifts of God. This linky will be open for one month. Check back each week and add your posts.

Watchful Wednesdays

Watchful Wednesdays


I have been doing the Joy Dare since January. Although I have enjoyed it thoroughly I find it very time consuming. So I am stopping the hunt. However, I will continue to write on Wednesdays and add a few of the blessings from my week.

I am calling my Wednesdays – Watchful Wednesdays. On Wednesdays I will be writing about what God is showing me – through photography, paintings, communication, the Bible, my family and everywhere else.

Today I want to focus on families. Our family is getting together next week at a cottage for our yearly family retreat. This will be our 3rd summer. What an amazing blessing this is to everyone. We catch up; we play; we laugh; we tell stories; we hug; we eat… oh yes we do eat. The grandchildren play together and we watch.

We learn:

Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him (Psalm 127:3, NIV).

A family is a place where principles are hammered and honed on the anvil of everyday living (Chuck Swindoll).

I love to read Oswald Chambers every morning. On July 31 I read:

Ultimately God will let nothing escape, every detail is under His scrutiny.

So I want to watch, be aware, listen and concentrate on each moment of living.

Here are some blessings from the past week.

      • Sizzlin’ Summer Service in the park – joint with the churches


        • art with my granddaughter
        • beautiful day in the park with kids making crafts at Rails End Gallery
        • the Rotary Carnival
        • walking our town
        • reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe with my granddaughter
        • playing Rummoli, Yatze and Uno
        • making a Tadeo print with my grandson
        • boating
        • playing with clay from the lake


        • sunshine and cloudless days
        • outdoors in Millbrook for Ladies Night
        • ideas and more ideas
        • fun, fun and more fun
        • saying prayers with granddaughter at night
        • a new camera
        • pictures of wildflowers


  • WW1---flowers


        • closeup shots with my camera
        • excitement of seeing a bee on my first shot with camera




        • restful Sunday
        • foggy mornings
        • an expression of interest in buying my books

Watchful Wednesdays

Please feel free to link your posts if you are talking about the gifts of God. This linky will be open for one month. Check back each week and add your posts.