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TISSUE TADEO – Crafts for Kids

Tissue Tadeo

I wanted to find another way to make a fun Tadeo Turtle. So I used tissue paper.

First I drew his picture.

Outline Tadeo - Janis Cox

Outline for Tadeo

Then I cut small pieces of tissue paper and glued then onto the turtle. Don’t worry about overlapping the edges as you will cut out the turtle later.

Tissue Paper - Janis Cox


Tissue Paper - Tadeo Turtle

Put lots of little pieces of tissue over the outline.

Continue to put lots of tissue on his body, even overlapping the colours. I used green for his head, limbs and tail.

Tissue Paper - janis Cox

Cover the whole turtle.

Dry thoroughly.

Finished Tissue

Cut him out.

Cut Out Tadeo Janis Cox

Cut out the turtle.

Now you could say you were done at this point. But I wanted to create a picture.

You could paint a scene and paste Tadeo into the scene. Any scene would be wonderful.

I painted a background on heavy paper.

First I wet the paper.

Then I applied lots of colour – any colours you feel like – I used green and yellow and later added reddish brown.

Painting the background Janis Cox

Paint the background.

Then comes the fun part. Scrunch up the plastic wrap and place it all over the wet paint.

Plastic wrap over painting.

Scrunch up plastic wrap on the painting.

Immediately cover the whole picture with heavy objects (I used books which were the handiest.)

Books for weight

Use books or heavy objects to keep the wrap flat.

Wait until it dries.

Glue your Tadeo to the background.

Finished Tadeo Tissue Project

Voila – finished Tadeo Tissue Project

I would love it if you would send your children’s projects to me, Janis.

I will post on Tadeo’s Facebook page and here on the blog.

Thanks so much. Have lots of fun. I did!!!