Thrim Week6 Blog Holiday

Thrim Week6 Blog Holiday I would recommend that if you are having a book launch don’t have one in June. The summer is not the time to be marketing a new book. However saying that I am going to put up a few memes about The Kingdom of Thrim that I hope you consider sharing.… Continue reading Thrim Week6 Blog Holiday


Lessons From Goosie by T. L Wiens A few years ago, my husband rescued a baby jack rabbit from a hawk. He brought it home. For the next year, “Goosie” was a part of our lives. I always thought rabbits (technically a jack rabbit is a hare) were scared little creatures that spent the majority of… Continue reading LESSONS FROM GOOSIE


Lord, Listen to Your Children Praying by Janice Keats We all know that God answers prayer. All Christians ought to have an experience of answered prayer. But do we, His children, come together often enough to “share” together in prayer? Do we encourage one another by sharing answers to our personal prayers? Every Tuesday morning… Continue reading LORD, LISTEN TO YOUR CHILDREN PRAYING