A short addendum post to Thoughtful Tuesdays

A short addendum post to Thoughtful Tuesdays

Lately I seem to hear God saying – paint more. So I have started to finish – I like that. I have started to finish my book called Yoj and the Land of Thrim. So my favourite picture so far is The Girl.


And my favourite picture of this year for this blog is Are you unleashing the power of the Holy Spirit?


Joining Creative Tuesdays today. – Intentionally working at being intentional.


Being intentional – started to paint again. Are you being #intentional. (click to Tweet)



    1. Wanda,
      I saw the picture in an old clip art book (free pictures). It was about 2 inches in black and white. Definitely I was guided by the Holy Spirit in the use of colour for this project.

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