A few more days and I will be back in Canada. This will be the last leg of my mission trip when you read this.

Once more I am reposting one of the top posts.

Here is YES –  I am a Perfectionist.

Now I have to admit that this was written one year ago and I have changed considerably for the better. I am still driven to get it right – but allow myself to know that there will be errors.

Five-Minute Fridays have certainly helped me overcome this problem.

Change is good.


Posted on April 19, 2011

I admit it – I am a perfectionist

I will let you in on a secret I am a perfectionist. You wouldn’t know it by looking at my desk – papers all over – but in my banking, or my teaching or now in my blogging I get stressed if I don’t get it right.

When I write my posts I reread them a number of times. I want them to be perfect. Still I make mistakes. Then after I post – I see the dreaded mistake and all my subscribers see it too.

At least in a blog I can easily make corrections but in a book – it is permanent.

As I wrote my book A Better Way I had it looked at and edited many times by different eyes. Then I made a “dummy” copy. I actually ordered three copies from an online photobook company. And guess what? I found more errors. Not too many but I am glad I made the dummy copy first.

Being a perfectionist can be good but it can lead to stress and procrastination. Fear of making a mistake – fear of being judged.

It was a leap of faith when I began to blog. Now people would see not only my thoughts and my emotions but my writing skills as well.

But God did not give me a spirit of fear but of power, and of love and of a sound mind (based on 2 Timothy 1:7 NKJ)

So here I am out of my comfort zone, trying to be brave, pushing myself to write without fear.

I have been told for many years that the best way to write better is to JUST WRITE.

How do you feel about revealing yourself? Do you procrastinate because you want something to be perfect? Is something holding you back from following a dream and/or God’s plan?


I love to connect with you.

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