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This week’s word is Identity. What is my identity? I want it to show who I am and what I believe. Do I? I am not sure. Sometimes I feel as if I would like to do more – have more time to finish things that seem important to me. And sometimes I just don’t act Christ-like.

Then I remember that God is in charge – and if I relax and do all that I can for that day – that is enough. That is my identity.

This week I heard of someone who has lost their identity. – Identity Theft. Now that is terrible.

In this world of Internet, logins, credit cards and all the databases spread across the globe I consider that my identity could be taken. What precautions do I take? I never ever give my social insurance number out (in the US – social security number) except to my bank, my employer and the government.

While in the States I found out the use of that number is rampant. All stores offered credit cards (which I didn’t want) with a come on of 10-15% discount but I needed to give them my SIN number. NO way. In Canada no credit card company can refuse you credit if you deny your SIN number. Keep it safe.

Also my husband noticed when he went to return something they wanted his license – they took it and scanned it. Why??? To build more information into their systems. I have read about how Target uses all their credit card information to target us – knowing what we like. And Facebook there is another identity scare. Be sure you know who your friends are.

So beware. But do not fear. Be careful. But don’t be hiding away fearful of what could happen.

We must remember  – God is with us – we are not alone.

Here is a link for Canada for checking about protecting yourself from Identity Theft.

Here is a link for the United States for checking about protecting yourself from Identity Theft.

What do you think of when you hear the word – IDENTITY.

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  1. I’m careful with my SIN number because you and Dad always told us how important it was to do that!

  2. “Then I remember that God is in charge – and if I relax and do all that I can for that day – that is enough. That is my identity.” Love this line.

    And being aware of things that can lead to identity theft is so important. It is so easy to have so much of our info out there with facebook,etc…

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