Hope Stream Radio – Six Things I learned from the Magi

Hope Stream Radio – Six Things I learned from the Magi

Hope Stream Radio
Janis Cox on Hope Stream Radio

Today is the Feast of the Magi or Epiphany.

From December 25 until January 6th we celebrate the twelve days of Christmas. I have found this year that these days have been an amazing time of reflection and prayer. Today is the day we take down our Christmas decorations. We will think about the magi and their coming to visit the child – Jesus, bringing gifts and being in wonder of all that God has shown them.

I don’t know about you but it was only a couple of years ago that I knew that the Magi did not arrive at the same time as the shepherds. Our Christmas pageants have made that connection and it sure fooled me.

However, on reading through the Scripture, Matthew 2:1-18,  it is very clear that they are two separate events.

This week on my podcast at Hope Stream Radio I talk about the magi and what I learned from them.

I hope you drop over to listen. You can listen directly to my podcast on my Page at Hope Stream Radio.

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  1. You have a soothing radio voice, Janis. Enjoyed your devotional. I wrote a rhyming PB combining the Shepherds and Magi. Do you think this might be a problem in that I might receive review comments saying I got it wrong? It is a story I like to call Faction (combo of Fiction and Fact).

    1. Tracy,
      Thanks so much for listening. I also had a cold that week. But hearing I have a soothing voice is such a compliment. I’m always hoping God’s peace flows through my words.
      What’s a rhyming PB? And there are so many stories with the shepherds and the magi at the same time I don’t think people will be upset. I just found it interesting that we have kept this tradition going for so long without really looking at the Bible.

      1. You sure didn’t sound like you had a cold and God’s peace rested on you. A rhyming PB is a children’s picture book written in rhyme. And thank you for your opinion, Janis.

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