I read this wonderful post on the Inscribe Writers Online blog by Bryan Norford. Sometimes we feel inadequate in our writing. Bryan sets it straight – we can feel that way and still write well. How? Read his post.


by Bryan Norford

What's Up God?

I have previously commented here and elsewhere on the tension between commitment and inspiration: we are often committed to writing when we don’t feel inspired. Depending on our temperament, it can be the difference between light and darkness.

We need to be careful how we think of inspiration. Inspired work is not necessarily easy. Inspiration may simply be an idea requiring a further ninety per cent perspiration to develop. Conversely, apparently mechanical writing often initiates inspiration as it progresses.

While most people may use the idea of inspiration in its mundane sense—an easy flow as we write—the Christian considers its fundamental meaning: drawing upon the wisdom of the Spirit.

  All Christian writing—fiction as well as non-fiction—
depends on God’s wisdom to infuse it. (tweet this)

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