Jesus is the way – So Pray

Jesus is the Way – So Pray

“Jesus does not give recipes that show the way to God as other teachers of religion do. He Himself is the Way.”

Karl Barth, Swiss Protestant theologian of the 20th C.

In my last post I talked about being overwhelmed. Certainly it is easy to get so involved doing good and serving that you can feel that way. I have done this to myself countless times. I take on one more thing. It seems right when I am asked. But maybe I am doing it because I feel good that someone has asked me. Someone says to me that I would be good for that job – and my ego says, “thank you very much” – I will do it. Soon I realize that I should have taken the request to God first. Seeking God’s answer is always better – He may say yes, or He may caution me that this is not good for me or for Him at this time, or He may say – what were you thinking? No.

Jesus took time to seek God.

“But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed” (Luke 5:16 NIV).

I am learning to do this; to look carefully at what I am asked to do. Is my heart in it? Will I feel resentful if I say yes? Is it pride that makes me want to say yes? These are questions to put to God and remember to listen for an answer.

Some things I tackle I know God is behind them as I am enthused, energized and joyful. Other things I know too that I shouldn’t have said yes. I struggle to finish those tasks, procrastinate and have no joy.

As Karl Barth says Jesus is the Way. So following the way I have found is the better way. How about you?











  1. Oh yes, Jan, so true. You’ve evidently worked through the range of emotions and motivations many of us encounter, and reflect your heart honestly and with transparency.
    I smile — a little wryly, for I am so prone to taking on tasks that might not be according to heavenly wisdom.
    Thankfully, the Lord is gracious and leads us to pureheartedness, so that we can more clearly see God, and follow His leading.

    1. Peter,
      I can see you as one who takes on more than humanly possible. It is thanks to God’s help that we can do that. But I know from experience my peace flees when I do too much. Once again balance is the key. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Jan and Jen,
    I very much agree with your comments about letting God work through us. When we see ourselves as working for God, it feels just like that “work”. When He works through us, it feels much more natural, almost like second nature. Our lives become like an extension of God’s Divine plan for each of us as we live life to the fullest. We are inspired to live by example with renewed hope that others will want to emulate the life we have chosen.

    Jan, I will share this post on April 27, Blog Hopping Day, with my readers.

  3. I just read this passage this morning! What a great reminder! I know, know, know everything runs smoother when I stay connected to God, but somehow I always seem to try to do the tasks God assigns in my own strength. Oh, if only I would remember, He doesn’t want me to work for Him. He wants me to draw close to Him and let Him work through me! Thanks for the reminder!

    1. Yes, draw close to Him and let HIm work through me. I have been praying for both of my blogs and seen tremendous inspiration this week. I also have prayed for links and He has done that too. Finding that quiet time is essential to that link with God.

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