What Do You Do When You are the Only One in the Room?

What Do You Do When You are the Only One in the Room?

Have you ever been the only one in the room to not know anyone? That’s not a normal position. But the other day I walked into a room filled with women that I didn’t know. I asked my way to my table and sat down.

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Today is Five-Minute Friday and we are to write on a word prompt for 5 minutes with little editing. This week’s word is ONLY.


Back to the story. There I was sitting at a table of strangers – everyone knew everyone else except me.

This used to bother me – so much that I wouldn’t attend anything or go anywhere unless someone was with me. I would rather hide behind my wall of insecurity.

However, now as I get older I find that I am able to relax, listen and strike up a conversation. If I focus on the person with questions concerning them it makes them relax in talking to a stranger.

How was I able to overcome this fear?

It is something I had to learn. One main reason that I changed from the fear of being the only one in the room, is Jesus. Over the past years (I am a young Christian), He has taught me to rely on Him fully. He is the One whom I need to please, be accountable to and worship.

Am I reaching out for Him? Or am I hiding away – afraid to be His child?

My goal is to help you become unafraid. I don’t want you to be alone.

You aren’t the only one who feels this way.

We are all in the same boat – the boat of learning more about God. And if we want to get out of the boat we first have to get in it and learn.

Do you long to be consistent in studying the Bible?

Do you desire to know the scriptures better?

If so, help is at hand.

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  1. As you know, dear Janice, i don’t really relate as even if nervous, like in an interview or what have you, THAT is when I turn on into overdrive or something and come even more out of myself, quite outreaching, etc. — learnt from my mother I think who was able to figure out how to talk to people quite different to her (although she rather gave that up as she got older and couldn’t be bothered.

    I sometimes have no idea what to say but I can always ask good questions so as ppl like talking about themselves usually I can usually find something on which to connect.

    My hats off to you though overcoming your own shyness initially. You def don’t see that way to me at all. I mean, look at you, you run a radio show/podcast on your own! That takes guts and don’t think I could do that at all, even on something I love.

    “Over the past years (I am a young Christian), He has taught me to rely on Him fully. ”
    –That is so true of one’s walk. It really does all come down to trust, and in turn truly, faith as we walk by that not by sight, right?

    One last point, I can honestly say I have zero desire to know the Bible any better than I already do. I feel I know all the important stories and having done BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) for 8 or 9 years, I’ve covered so many of the books super deeply. While I sometimes disagreed with their interpretation of scripture (even while they insisted they were merely “letting the Word speak for itself” yetwere blind to their own historical bias which in their case was Baptist), I def learned a lot too. Now, in fact, over the last 9 years or so, it’s been a process of UNLEARNING my assumed assumptions of various scriptural stances and letting God out of the Biblical interpretation box I had put him in! I have come to appreciate him as not limited to anything, not even our assumptions, and he is so much bigger than I can possibly imagine. It;s been so rewarding to not think I have him or scripture even all figured out as my sense of childlike wonder about God has returned that now I jsut worship him in awe, free from my old more religious perhaps constraints. That may make no sense to you but that’s how it is for me anyway, and Alex too.

    1. Michael,
      I love your sentence: I have come to appreciate him as not limited to anything, not even our assumptions, and he is so much bigger than I can possibly imagine.

      I totally agree. We cannot box in God.

      But I do believe the Scriptures are God’s Holy Word and we can learn from them (even on our own). If I pray before reading He explains what He wants me to know for that day. It will change. And yes you probably do have to “unlearn” what was taught and “relearn” what God wants you to know. The scriptures are “active” and change every time I read them.

      So that said I don’t think there is ever a time when I won’t read His Word.

      Thanks for opening your heart to the Lord and to me.


  2. I can definitely relate to what you’ve said here. I’ve felt that same insecurity, but I think (like you) I’m getting better at stepping out of my comfort zone. That’s true with faith as well, of course. Thanks for your post.

    Jeannie (I’m at #56 in this week’s linkup)

    1. Jeannie,
      I was so shy growing up and it carried into my marriage. Yes – insecure if alone. When I found out I am never alone – God is always with me – then the change happened. Maybe old age – but I think more faith change.

  3. Oh how I can relate! The times walking across a room and thinking all eyes were on me – or trying to make conversation and tripping all over my words. But you nailed it with age – we have the confidence to make new friends and not be so self centered – loved your entry! Great job!

    1. Donna,
      You have the picture – all eyes on me… Yikes that used to scare me. Confidence has grown with age and with God. And I still don’t like “small talk” but get me talking about my faith – I blossom.

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