Special Sale for November 15 – December 15 – Tadeo Turtle

Special Sale for November 15 – December 15 – Tadeo Turtle


Sale is over – but don’t forget to check out more at Tadeo Turtle.


This month I am offering my Kindle edition of Tadeo Turtle for 99 cents.

And also I am offering my signed paperback edition for $10.00 plus shipping.


Grandparents, Moms and Dads – for those times that you need a book to settle a little one while you are not at home – check out the Kindle edition of Tadeo Turtle.

Tadeo Turtle learns a very important lesson in his first book.

He learns to accept how God has made him. We each need to realize that fact. Whenever someone says an unkind word about you, or you think thoughts of unworthiness – remember that God made you – just the way you are. Be grateful, and celebrate what He has made.

A great story for any child but those with special needs would certainly appreciate the message.

Click on PayPal on this page only to purchase the signed paperback copy. Use your credit card or pay through Pay Pal – the choice is yours. If you want to pay another way please email me at Janis. I can also figure out shipping for more than one book using this promotion price.

Birthday parties – give Tadeo Turtle as a gift. Or as a goodie bag present. Crafts available at the back of the book and online to do with your little one or ones.


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