Sunday Stillness – Fill out your Closer Connection to God Form

Fill out your Closer Connection to God Form

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Last week I discussed how we need to show our closer connection to God so the world and we ourselves will know where we truly live.

This week I have made a fun “Closer Connection to God Form” for you to fill out.

1. When you wake up, what is your first thought?

what must I do today
oh no it’s morning all ready
Good morning, God, You are my One and Only?

2. On arising what do you do first?

start getting ready for my daily activities
wish I were back in bed as I head for a coffee
seek God by sitting quietly before Him (remember seek ye first the Kingdom of God)

3. Throughout the day as you go about your daily routine, when you encounter a problem what do you do?

get frustrated, maybe yell
find someone to blame
aks God for His help and guidance

4. Do you have control of your tongue during the day?

with my family
with my co-workers
with friends
with strangers (how about the drivers you feel are not driving the way they should)

Pray for a mouth that glorifies Him all day long, and you will be filled with a sense of His love and approval. ~ Beth Moore Living Beyond Yourself

5. With what do you fill the spaces of your day?

secular talk shows
secular TV
Christian music
quiet times of prayer and praise
shopping (just because you like it – buy, buy, buy)
social media

6. At night before you close your eyes what do you do?

go right to sleep
read a light inspiring book
watch nightly news
have a quiet time with God to reflect on my day – the highs, the lows and to lay requests before Him

7. As you drift off to sleep what do you do?

remember where I live – in God’s Kingdom
give Him all my cares and concerns
fret about all that needs to be done tomorrow
fear what I saw in the news and can’t fall asleep

 Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you (1 Peter 5:7, NIV).

Heaven’s bells continually peal with that promise of My [Jesus] Presence. Some people never hear those bells because their minds are earthbound and their hearts are closed. (Jesus Calling)

Keep hearing the bells. Visit this world – enjoy it all – live life to the fullest but live in the Presence of God.

How did you do on the form? Is your closer connection to the world or God? If you want to be closer to God how would you change?

Let’s discuss this. I welcome your thoughts.


Fill out a “Closer Connection to God Form” and see where you stand. (click to Tweet)

Keep hearing the bells – visit this world – live life to the fullest but live in God’s Presence. (click to Tweet)

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  1. Ummm…I think i need to work on a few of these, especially the times when I first awake (I am not a morning person) and go to to bed.(my mind doesn’t easily shut down). Thanks for sharing and hosting your link-up.

  2. I guess I fared about average. Could do better. Could do worse. Could get down on myself for not being perfect, but I conquered that in Jesus name! But seriously, those are all really great questions to ask ourselves. If we keep our spirits open to hearing from the Holy Spirit, we will be in tune to Him all day and hear those promptings, feel those nudgings. It’s then up to us as to how we’ll respond. Thanks for those thought-provoking questions as well as hosting.

    1. Mary,
      Some days are better than others. But as I learned through reading Kyle Idleman’s book, Not a Fan, we are on a journey to get closer to God. What is a follower of Jesus? I have to ask these questions to myself daily. I get stuck on the tongue!

      1. ugh.Don’t I know it! A friend recently said to me, “I wish I had your personality.” Ha! I said, “You really don’t. I live each day with one foot on the ground and the other in my mouth!” sigh…

    1. Jason,
      I needed the reminder too. God showed me that the only way to show my closer connection was to be watching if and when I was connected.


  3. Needed reminders of checkpoints throughout the day when we should be seeking God and giving Him thanks, giving Him love, and giving Him our worries and joys. There is always room for improvement in my life to stay connected to Him more! ♥

    Blessings Janis; have a beautiful Sunday!

  4. It is always so enlightening when we look back on our day and consider it as more than just moments. Some I am not always proud of and when i think of that, I am so grateful for grace!

    1. Dawn,
      Being realistic in what we did, say and thought can help us learn how to adjust that the next time. Reflection is a great tool for growth.

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