What Do You Say? – Thank you.

What Do You Say? – Thank you. by Janis Cox Last weekend we held a community garage sale. My granddaughter who is 6 was visiting us. She wanted to sell lemonade and her copies of her “books”. We set up the lemonade stand and book table beside Grandma’s. She had a wonderful time, sold some… Continue reading What Do You Say? – Thank you.


Sense of Wonder in Prayer by Judith Lawrence “Prayer is the art of presence. Where there is no wonder there is little depth of presence. The sense of wonder is one of the key sources of prayer. Wonder at the adventure of being here is one of the special qualities of humans.…Sometimes in humans profound… Continue reading SENSE OF WONDER IN PRAYER


Flowers of Blessing by Mary Haskett On impulse I decided to send some flowers to a dear friend today, a friend who has blessed me countless times with her love and support, a friend who has listened to my concerns and struggles through the years and blessed me with her genuine love and attentiveness. In… Continue reading FLOWERS OF BLESSING