What about Ladybugs?

Ladybug – #ScribblePicnic – An Art Co-operative This week’s prompt for #Scribblepicnic is ladybugs or ladybirds. I knew I had painted ladybugs before. When checking back through my posts, Michael had given a prompt for “critters” when we did Creative Tuesdays. Here is that picture and a link to that post. You can see the… Continue reading What about Ladybugs?

Creative Tuesdays – Little Critters

Creative Tuesdays – Little Critters I decided to follow Michael’s prompt from Creative Tuesdays properly this time (and be a good student). Last time I took the prompt twitters to a new level as I painted a toucan. The prompt this time is critters. Today I decided I would love to try using a thin… Continue reading Creative Tuesdays – Little Critters