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What about Ladybugs?

Ladybug – #ScribblePicnic – An Art Co-operative

This week’s prompt for #Scribblepicnic is ladybugs or ladybirds.

I knew I had painted ladybugs before. When checking back through my posts, Michael had given a prompt for “critters” when we did Creative Tuesdays. Here is that picture and a link to that post.


You can see the post to Little Critters here.

And I also remember doing another ladybug picture.


And you can find that post Be Careful How You Live  by clicking here.

I have always loved ladybugs. That is until we found them along with wasps in the springtime coming into our great room. The high windows, heat and light must attract them. The wasps are dozy and easy to swat but I don’t like killing them. I vacuum them up (which is just as bad I guess.)

5 Facts about Ladybugs:

  1. Ladybugs are not bugs but beetles.
  2. They are a red colour to protect them from animals that might harm them. They do have a toxicity but not enough to harm humans but it will taste awful.
  3. Adults have wings under the red flaps on their backs.
  4. They are used as pest control.
  5. They are not always beneficial. They also could eat your plants like beans.

I have no time this week to paint another ladybug as I will be in the midst of this year’s VBS (Vacation Bible School) at our church. Lots of fun; lots of energy needed too.

For more #ScribblePicnic pictures click on this link.


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Creative Tuesdays – Little Critters

Creative Tuesdays – Little Critters


I decided to follow Michael’s prompt from Creative Tuesdays properly this time (and be a good student). Last time I took the prompt twitters to a new level as I painted a toucan.

The prompt this time is critters. Today I decided I would love to try using a thin black marker, and watercolour crayons. My little ladybugs were fun to draw and paint.

I have always loved ladybugs except when we return to our home in the spring and find flies, wasps and ladybugs dead all over the floor.

I think the research was the most interesting. I had no idea where the name “ladybug” came from.

They are known as ladybugs or lady beetles in North American and ladybirds in England and elsewhere. Ladybugs are not really bugs but beetles from the Coccinellidae family. The theory about the name is that it is from the Virgin Mary (because of their bright red colouring – the Virgin Mary is painted often wearing a red cloak).

You can find out more at:

Today I found out

Of these you may eat any kind of locust, katydid, cricket or grasshopper (Leviticus 11:22, NIV).

Has anyone ever tried eating an insect? I don’t think I have unless I digested one without knowing it.

On Sunday Stillness I wrote about ants and locusts.


What I found out about ladybugs from Michael’s prompt at Creative Tuesdays. (click to tweet)

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