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Rabbit: Scribble Picnic

Today is #Scribblepicnic. It is a weekly art meet-up to engage and encourage each other, exploring the same theme each week. This week’s theme is “rabbit”. See more at Michael’s blog.

We head home on Tuesday and when this post goes live I will have landed in Toronto, ready to head back home to Haliburton. We leave our little rabbits. Yes we have rabbits here in Arizona. I hate to say that they are food for the coyotes, hawks and owls. But they are very cute. Our little Snowball loves to try to find them in the bushes and flush them out.

On to Scribble Picnic:

Here is the sketch I did. I have been thinking of the Hare and the Tortoise story. When I was growing up my sister and I would listen to a recording of Bugs Bunny and the Tortoise. I found it on line the other day and loved to listen to it again. I still have the record but it is a 78 and I have no record player that plays 78 records. This is dating myself.


Of course my turtle is Tadeo from my book Tadeo Turtle. In Disney’s story of course, Bugs Bunny beats the tortoise. But in the original story the Tortoise beats the hare.

Here is the original story from Aesop’s Fables.

Here is the video of the record Bugs Bunny and the Tortoise. I liked this version and it is the book I have. My sister and I have memorized the words. It’s really too funny when we get reciting it. Now I have the recording to play for the grandchildren when they come and they can turn the pages in the book.


My final picture with watercolour pencils and water.

Here is the question. Who is going to win?  I would love your opinion and why.rabbit

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Here is a rabbit I painted in 2013. I found it in my old files. Good to know it’s there.




Join us.