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And I am off to Poland

Yes I am off to Poland again this summer. Please read about my experiences in the past few years.


Family English Camp in Poland

Being His

The summer of 2010 placed me in new hurdle. I had to fly the first leg of the journey alone – no one else was coming from Eastern Canada … read more.

And the Gypsy Mama is on holidays so there is no Five Minute Friday this week.

I won’t be back until the beginning of August.

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Under the Cover of Prayer

I started out blogging a few years ago – trying to find out what God wanted me to talk about. I wrote Shining His Light and Spirit-Filled Canada which I have now closed for lack of time.

Last year at our Writers’ Conference, Write!Canada, God put upon my heart to blog about prayer. I was faithful. I started Under the Cover Prayer at the end of June 2010. Today we have 18 guest bloggers and myself writing for UTCOP. We also repost from other sources.

I write on Fridays for UTCOP. So I encourage you to slip over and see what we are all about. There are no comments allowed on the prayer blog. It is a blog for contemplation and prayer.

I encourage all writers and want-to-be writers to check out Write!Canada. Have no fear – we are a fun-filled, spirit-filled group of men and women who are Christian. There is something for every level and passion. The bookstore is awesome. You can meet up with editors, writers, publishers, and agents – all under the same roof. Worship on Friday and Saturday morning is awesome. The classes and workshops are top notch. If you have questions feel free to ask me – I will tell you what I know. You can reach me either in the comment section or by email.

A New Start

Do you ever wonder where you are going and what you are doing? I do.

I have so many wonderful ideas, thoughts and longings. Someone told me once that she could see that I was someone who was always looking at coloured balloons and wanting to catch as many as I could. I didn’t understand her analogy at that time but I do now.

I am definitely a ‘Martha’ in temperament and character. I love to do things. I am a woman of action. But I learned that I need to also know the ‘Mary’ side of me.

When I made my decision to follow Christ in 2001 He revealed to me that I needed to take that time – the Mary part of me – and rest in Him. He led me to read a wonderful book called Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World by Joanna Weaver. That book really hit home. I knew when I finished reading that I needed help for God to change me in the way He wanted.

Two years ago I started to write a story about Mary and Martha. Last week I published my first “dummy” copy. It is a book for children but speaks to all of us. I used my talent as a watercolour artist to illustrate the book.

I hope to speak to you in this blog about the ways we can learn together to be both Mary and Martha.

One way I learned to listen to my ‘Mary’ side was learning to pray. Last June I started a blog called Under the Cover of Prayer. I hope you join me there too. Together we can learn to sit at His feet, learn about Him and learn to rest in Him.