Stephanie Byrant co-founder of (in)courage has graciously allowed me to repost the following article called When God Answers Yes.

When God Answers Yes

by Stephanie Bryant, Co-Founder of (in)courage & Creative Mastermind at S Bryant Social Marketing; reprinted (March 26, 2011)

What happens when God answers your prayers with a “Yes!”?

What happens when the very thing you’ve longed for, flower desired from seed planted long ago, is blooming in glorious spring-time beauty?

{Might sound like a silly question.}

It seems like we are more prepared sometimes for the answer to be “No.”, “Not right now.”, or unnerving silence, than when the pounding on doors of heaven, the thing that brought you to your knees in the heavenly throne room, is answered with a “Yes, my sweet.” When God takes confidence in you, puts His plan in you and knows it will come to fruition.

{Those of you that are still in the shiver of autumn, preparing for the winter soak of your heart-dirt, could easily think to yourself, “What are you talking about?! Of course I want a ‘Yes!’ That’s why I pray. I’d be ecstatic. Remembering every detail of the difficult journey and so thankful for the long awaited answer. . . and that it was Yes!”}

But why do you pray?

To get an answer? To have that answer be “Yes!”? To change your life? To change the world? Or to be with the One you long to glorify, verbalize soul-praise?

No matter how you answered, it can be difficult to be loved with a “Yes.”

Why? Maybe we know we’re full of the earth, dust to dust, undeserving of Cross Love, yet have a Father that gives bread instead of stones. Maybe its overwhelming to think of the “What now?!” not fully expecting in faith the answer.

Sometimes it’s a struggle to know how to take it all in, accept the love, success, or dream come true. I don’t feel so alone when I read others’ journies into “Yes!” Maybe we’re afraid of success? Or we don’t know how to count it all joy? Or it’s Jesus wooing us out of our comfort zone?

I pray in your “Yes!,” you will be eucharisteo thankful. As Ann says, “the thankful brings joy,” not fear or feelings of overwhelmed.

That you will be full of praise for Him in all things and remember you have asked and received.

That you will say “Glory to God!” for bending near, hearing your prayers, and giving you good gifts like a Heavenly Father should and does.

That you will find contentment in the blanket of “Yes!” For contentment is so close to the heart of our Lord, settling in to what His desire is and quickly forgetting the obsessive want.

That you will continue to pray, your dependance will grow on Him, and you will say “Yes!” to what He has for you.