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I didn’t ask you to take them to the water and make them drink

I didn’t ask you to take them to the water and make them drink

by Tanya Tanya-I-didn't-ask-you-to-take

“You can take a cow to the water but you can’t make it drink”

This was a statement that I was famous for saying when it came to talking about families. At that time I did not have any children and would often remark that there was only so much a parent could do in creating a environment for their children to grow and thrive, but the children still had to choose. Everything I said was true, but I was missing something important. We can create an environment where our children take part in ministry, go to church regularly and we can only hope that when they get older they will continue to follow on the path we have placed them on.

But is that our only job as parents?

A guy I was acquainted with said that when he was a salesman, he told his boss the same line I quoted earlier and this is what his boss told him,

“Your job is not to make the cow drink. Your job is to create thirst in the cow.”

We aren’t to live in such a way that our children will simply go to church. We are to live our lives in a way that our children will desire to know God, they will thirst after God and choose to “drink from the springs of living water”.

I am learning to allow God to mold me. I don’t just want to lead my children to the water’s edge, I want them to see me drinking, see me enjoying that water so much, that just watching me drinking it all up, they will become thirsty and drink from that same water.


 I didn’t ask you to take them to the water and make them drink by Tanya  (click to tweet) 


Tanya – from God’s Character

Tanya is a child of God, wife, stay at home mom and homeschooler. She loves the Lord and loves telling people about who He is. By God’s grace her husband and she intend to live out Joshua’s statement “but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord”. And so her greatest desire is to see her Lord face to face and along with her family, join in the joyous strains of triumphant voices praising our Lord and King. Check out her blog at God’s Character.


Is the Fountain of Living Water Flowing Through Our Lives?

Is the Fountain of Living Water Flowing Through Our Lives?

by Violet Nesdoly (reprinted with permission)


There is a river whose streams shall make glad the city of God,
The holy place of the tabernacle of the Most High (Psalm 46:4, NKJV).

Though there was no actual river flowing through Jerusalem, it seems the city had a subterranean water supply that was the source of various fountains and pools throughout the city (K. R. Dick Iverson – study notes on Psalms, New Spirit-Filled Life Bible, p. 723).

That unseen river makes a wonderful symbol of the hidden life of God for believers
then and still today. (tweetable)

All three members of the Godhead have a part in that flow.

God the Father: He begs the wayward to come back to Him as their life-giver – “For My people have committed two evils: They have forsaken Me, the fountain of living waters, and hewn themselves cisterns—broken cisterns that can hold no water” – Jeremiah 2:13.

God the Son: After a chapter in which the prophet Zechariah foresees Jesus’ death (specifically Zechariah 12:10) he says: “In that day a fountain shall be opened for the house of David and for the inhabitants of Jerusalem, for sin and for uncleanness” – Zechariah 13:1.

God the Holy Spirit: Jesus’ offer of life-giving water to the Samaritan woman:
“‘…but whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst. But the water that I shall give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life'” – John 14:4,

Continue to read The River of God by Violet Nesdoly.

Violet Nesdoly

Violet freelances in several genres and has been published in a variety of print and online publications.

Her articles, stories, and activities have appeared in Keys for Kids, Devotions for Girls, Devotions for Boys, Clubhouse, Guide, Primary Treasure, Partners, Pockets and others. She has also published two books of poetry and is an avid blogger. She is a member of Inscribe Christian Writers’ Fellowship and a professional member of The Word Guild.


Grapefruit Tree - Psalm 1:2
I remember my time in the desert this winter. The orange and grapefruit trees are not native to Arizona. It takes time, and care to make sure there is fruit. Only by irrigation do these trees produce fruit. I also heard that if there is a chance of frost (which does happen quite often) it is better to over-water the fruit trees. Those trees filled with water can resist the frost’s danger.

So it is with us. If we are filled with God’s Word  – the Living Water of Jesus – we can be better able to resist the devil and battle all the frustrations, worries and struggles in this world.

Let’s fill up today.

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What If Your Soul Is Hard as a Rock?

by Mark D. Roberts

Moses strikes the rock

Water flows as Moses strikes the rock.

“He turned the rock into a pool of water;
yes, a spring of water flowed from solid rock” (Psalm 114:8 NLT).

Do you ever feel bone-dry spiritually? Does your soul ever seem to be hard as a rock? Do you ever worry about whether you will once again be tender and open toward the Lord?

Perhaps you’ve never gone through a period of severe spiritual dryness? If that’s true for you, praise God! But most Christians do experience times in which our souls are so dry that they seem hard as a rock. We know we should spend devotional time with God, but the fact is we don’t want to. We know we should want to gather with other believers to worship the Lord.

But, when the time comes for Sunday services, we look desperately for excuses to stay away. We know we should work joyfully as though serving God and not people. But, too often, work feels completely disconnected from our faith. We still believe all the things we used to believe about God. But our desire for him has vanished, and we’re left with stony souls.

If you can relate to what I’m saying, then Psalm 114 has good news for you. God is in the business of getting water from rocks. Verse 8 looks back to the miraculous way God supplied water to the Israelites after he delivered them from Egypt:

“He turned the rock into a pool of water; yes, a spring of water flowed from solid rock.” .

This verse celebrates how God produced literal water from a literal rock. ( Exodus 17:5-6)

The Hebrew word translated here as “solid rock” is more literally rendered as “flint,” which is a particularly hard rock. God can get water, not just from soft, porous rocks, but from those that are absolutely rigid and unyielding.

If God can turn a rock into a pool of water, if God can make water flow from flint, then he can transform our hearts even when they seem to be impervious to his grace. This is good news, indeed. So, if you find yourself in a spiritually rocky place today at work or at home, turn to the Lord. Ask him to make living water flow from your stony heart.


Have you ever been in a very dry place spiritually? Are you still there? In the past, how has God softened your heart toward him?


Dear Lord, how I thank you for being a powerful, merciful God who gets water even from flint. How I thank you for your patience and grace with me. When I resist you, when my heart is stony, you nevertheless reach out to me in your grace.

Lord, you know the state of my heart today. I pray that however I am closed to you, you will help me to be open. And, in whatever way my heart is rock solid, may your living water flow out from me.

All praise be to you, mighty, merciful God! Amen.

Mark D. Roberts

Rev. Dr. Mark D. Roberts is Senior Advisor and Theologian-in-Residence of Foundations for Laity Renewal, a multifaceted ministry in the Hill Country of Texas and the parent organization of Laity Lodge. He has written several books, including his most recent: Can We Trust the Gospels? (Crossway, 2007)

He blogs at  http://www.patheos.com/community/markdroberts, and writes a daily devotional for http://www.thehighcalling.org.