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What can we learn from a tiny seed?

It’s wonderful what Creation can teach us.

Did you know that from one of the smallest seeds grows one of the largest trees? The seed of the sequoia is only ¼ the size of a grain of uncooked rice. And yet it grows into the biggest tree, having roots that can cover over 2-4 acres and bark that can be 2 feet thick.


I find that amazing!

And can you imagine our earth without seeds? There would be very little plant growth.

In Genesis 1:11-13,

God spoke: “Earth, green up! Grow all varieties
of seed-bearing plants,
Every sort of fruit-bearing tree.”
And there it was.
Earth produced green seed-bearing plants,
all varieties,
And fruit-bearing trees of all sorts.
God saw that it was good.
It was evening, it was morning—
Day Three.

Jesus told this parable: From Matthew 13:31-32

“The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed, which a man took and planted in his field.  Though it is the smallest of all seeds, yet when it grows, it is the largest of garden plants and becomes a tree, so that the birds come and perch in its branches.”

Have you looked at a seed lately?

As I planted my garden this spring, I marvelled that the tiny beet seed would produce luscious red beets;tomato seeds would grow into tall tomato plants; bean seeds into edible beans.


But the parable of the tiny mustard seed:

– that makes more sense when I understand the miracle of a tiny seed growing into a large plant like the Sequoia seed turning into the largest tree.

And that our faith can be like that – small, unassuming, but powerful because we enlist the aid of God.


Mark Batterson in his book study called Draw the Circle, reminds us of the miracle of that tiny seed and also how we need to go slow and wait expectantly for our prayers to be answered.

He says:

Each prayer is like a seed that gets planted in the ground. It disappears for a season, but it eventually bears fruit that blesses future generations…. So even when we die our prayers don’t.

In this world we want quick fixes, and instant solutions.

Mark says:

We want God to microwave solutions, MapQuest directions and Twitter instructions.

We forget, yes forget, that we serve a powerful awesome God.


In Psalm 50 we hear that God owns the cattle of a thousand hills.


We need to remember that we can’t let fear dictate our decisions.


Mark Batterson also says:

When Jesus walked out of the tomb, the word impossible was removed from our vocabulary.

Our God who can make a humungous tree grow from a tiny seed,
can surely answer our prayers.


Is your God big enough to answer your prayers? Remember you need to ask. So dream big and ask our awesome God.

May I pray for you and me?

Lord Jesus, You came to earth to show us the way. You came to teach us about God. You talked about Who God is and you showed miracles to show us how big our God is. Please help us to have that mustard seed of faith to put our trust in You. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Until next time, think about your prayer time. Are you spending time in prayer and reading God’s Word?

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Creative Tuesdays – Amazing How Plants Grow

Creative Tuesdays – Amazing How Plants Growplants squash  copy

This is the challenge this week for Creative Tuesdays.

Do you have a porch, balcony or even just a kitchen windowsill? Chances are then at some point you’ve likely dabbled with growing plants from seed, potting flowers or even gathering herbs and so on — all the fun found in cultivating a CONTAINER GARDEN of your very own. Show us what you’ve done or what you’d like to see.

I looked back at my pictures of my garden at the very beginning. I planted these squash plants from seed directly into the garden. This year I planted my first vegetable garden in 20 years. It is called a square garden.  There is a fence because we live in wild life country. I have hungry deer and rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks and skunks.

Here are some pictures:


First the seedlings.


Then building the garden. Fencing came later.


Now the harvest.

The fruits of my labour – or should I say – vegetables.

IMG_1332 IMG_1334 IMG_1335

Isn’t that crazy?

From a tiny squash seed comes incredibly large plants and big squash. I find I am in wonder of that. How does that happen. How can all that information for growth be inside that little seed?

I looked up the mustard seed parable in The Message and guess what? it changed to a pine seed. That makes more sense to use in North America.

How can we picture God’s kingdom? What kind of story can we use? It’s like a pine nut. When it lands on the ground it is quite small as seeds go, yet once it is planted it grows into a huge pine tree with thick branches. Eagles nest in it (Matthew 3:30-32, The Message).

So looking at the pine seed, squash seed or mustard seed, we see that from small beginnings can come marvelous, incredible results. Jesus is explaining that His Kingdom will grow like that. It may seem slow to us but little by little people are growing in love, and knowledge of Jesus. It is hard work.

And as I think I realize that  my faith has come from one of the 12 disciples. I think about that. How far back can I trace my faith roots? Who came into my life to help me? Where did they come from? I wonder about these things.

But I also wonder about the amazing power of creation – small seeds – big trees. (tweet this)

Thanks again to Michael at Creative Tues who encourages his group to be creative. Even though I don’t like painting plants I found this whole exercise interesting as I studied the tiny sprouts and thought about they became the big squash plants.

Janis Cox


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How can I Plant Seeds along Life’s Path?

Life's Path

by Kimberley Payne

This is a combination of my Five-Minute Friday post and my sermon Monday post.

The last few days I have spent at a fantastic conference called Write! Canada, a conference for writers who are Christian.

I heard the words, seed and path repeated time and again. Today in our sermon a guest minister used the same words, seed and path.

Then to top it off – the Gypsy Mama’s word for this week is path.

So what is up with that? What is God saying to me?

Here are some of the words that have come to me this week:

give “…gratitude for the seemingly small and insignificant – this is the seed that plants the giant miracle in the midst of it all” – Ann Voskamp, One Thousand Gifts.

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seed that you plant” – Robert Louis Stevenson.

And from Hosea 10:12:

 Sow righteousness for yourselves, reap the fruit of unfailing love, and break up your unplowed ground; for it is time to seek the Lord, until he comes and showers his righteousness on you.”

In Sunday’s sermon our guest minister, Jan Thornington, spoke about the seeds we plant in our children as they follow a path through life. Without direction and discipline this path is harder to follow; weeds come up and can take over so that the path is no longer clear.

She read from an old hymnary the song, “For the Young” by Mrs. Clara Writer. Here are some of the words:

 “A little seed lay fast asleep” …

“So children are the seeds God plants within His garden fair, He loves and guards them everyday, they’re in His constant care.”

We were blessed with a vision of children growing under the care of God.

I thought about the seeds we plant as writers and how we hope that they will land on ears that will hear and that God can grow those seeds into a closer relationship with Him.

And I thought about the seeds that were planted this weekend – how to grow and follow the path that God has set before me.

I know that seeking His face is the surest way to begin. I know that I need to be in constant communication with Him to hear the Holy Spirit encourage but also discipline; to listen carefully; to proceed when the light is green; but keep a sharp look both left and right before I go ahead.

This is my week to listen – to process all that I have learned. I want to follow the path that God has set before me. As God plants seeds of inspiration, I will pray for God to nourish and grow them so they can be strong, straight and true shoots.

And to add to God teaching me, I read Violet Nesdoly’s post called: Technology Word Snatch, in which she tells us how the seeds can be snatched away.

“God’s word snatched away, shallowly rooted, and choked is something of which we need to be vigilant more than ever!”

Linking to the Gypsy Mama for Five-Minute Fridays.