Thoughtful Tuesdays – Creative Tuesdays – My Word for 2015

Thoughtful Tuesdays – Creative Tuesdays – My Word for 2015

One of my goals this year was to be intentional – so one way was to join Creative Tuesdays. Every couple of weeks we are given an art challenge.

These were the instructions for this time:

You may have heard of the one little word movement but if you’re still stuck, not to worry! Here’s just one woman’s example.


However you choose to focus on your word, the idea is that it’s one that thrills you to action and contemplation.


It’s more about using intention for the year which is far more inspiring than making a new year’s resolution that invariably fails with its rather rather energy-sapping tasks.

(Creative Tuesdays).


For the last part of 2014 I struggled finding my WORD for this year. I settled on Intentional (which took 2 more posts, an addendum and God Changed my mind). After 16 days of rest, due to a bad bout of flu, I can say that I have been listening to Him.

Here is my artwork that describes my WORD for 2015.

 Word-for-2015webI think my Word for 2015 is RESTORE.

Restore – to grow in each area of my life and produce a crop for Jesus.

I have been reading Titus and also Ed Hird’s book, Restoring Health, Body, Mind and Spirit. Then the Scripture I read next made so much sense.

My life verse is John 21:15, “Feed my lambs”.

So looking at Mark 4:20, I read:

Others, like seed sown on good soil, hear the word, accept it, and produce a crop – some thirty, some sixty, some a hundred times what was sown (Mark 4:20, NIV).

The landscape in the background Is my life here on earth – the places I have been, the places I will go to.

The butterfly is to remind me of my freedom in Christ. I was in a cocoon and now I am free – no longer caught in sin but saved by grace.

It is good to look back over 2014, to reflect on accomplishments and to see where God led me.

And I think that it is good to look ahead, but not so focused that I plow before seeding and planting and check the soil conditions too.

Food has been on my mind. I wrote at Family and Faith Matters how we have changed our diet to eat all healthy, natural foods. I want to nourish my body. I hope to write about this again as we closed Family and Faith Matters.

I even went further to look at each area and what I might want to focus on:

MIND – get rid of excess clutter, focus on one thing at a time

BODY – eat good healthy food, lots of fruit, vegetables, grain fed meats, chicken, fish, no GMO if I can help it, no sugars, no grains. I also need daily exercise and fresh air.

SPIRIT – to spend more time in prayer and studying the Bible.

Prayer: Lord, help me to focus on these areas in my life. Be in each area as I make changes and learn more. Help me in my prayer life – teach me to pray. In Jesus’ name. AMEN.

Thanks to Michael for his Creative Tuesdays linkup.

I will be pinning my artwork on my wall to remind me of my WORD – RESTORE.

What’s your WORD for 2015. I would love to hear from you.


What’s your WORD for 2015? Mine is Restore. See how God let me that word. (Click to Tweet)

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  1. restore – that’s a good word. mind, body & spirit definitely need restoring now and then as we are after all, aren’t made of steel and needs the rest that restoration does.

    welcome to CT, hope you have a great day.

  2. Janis, I want you to know I read every page from the links you provided above! It took me a while, let me tell you but as you are new, I also wanted to get to know you better, where you’ve been, where you’re going (as indicated in this art here), etc. When things ever get out of whack, so to speak, it’s so good to take time to restore as you’ve well shown here. I can especially relate to the BODY one as I too have need to eat healthier, etc and just be more healthy. Whether we like it or not, we have to face the facts that our bodies are not just “temples,” if you will, but “prisons” too that have to be fed, nurtured and so on. lol.

    Thank you for taking the time to explain why you chose the various elements you did too. It helps me appreciate it that much more. So, yes, welcome aboard CT. You will get out of it what you put in. We are a very supportive community as you will soon find out. So glad this co-op can help you too in your endeavors and that now you even have this piece of art to help you to that end. 🙂

    1. Thank you Michael for your insight. I have entered Creative Tuesdays before but never on a regular basis. I think we all need a little push or nudge to inspire us. I know I procrastinate and that makes doing something even harder. I do other things instead.
      I am very happy to be a part of Creative Tuesdays.
      PS Thanks for taking the time to get to know me.


  3. As I read your post, I remembered this verse from Joel 2:25-26
    I will restore unto you the years that the locusts have eaten…you shall eat in plenty and be satisfied, and praise the name of the Lord your God.”

    Blessings on your new venture.

    1. Chris,
      Just love that Scripture. Thank you so much. It was interesting as I looked at the word restore – I saw REST. And this might just be my year of rest.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment on my WORD Restore for 2015.

      I could picture exactly how to draw it this time – with the earth and the butterfly. Thanks for the encouragement in my artwork.

      Blessings to you,


  4. HaHaHa; Janis I hope you have a sense of humor, and I read your post, and said, wow, we get more than a WORD we get a Bible Study…I just love it and of course am kidding. It was a beautiful illustration, and lesson. I’ve lead many Bible Studies over the past 50 years, as my husband is a retired pastor and as pastor’s wife, did many things with the women. Now I’m excited to be the student, and not the teacher. Thanks for your comments on my CT post. Welcome to CT. The more the merrier.

    1. Wanda,
      That is so funny. I had trouble just choosing the WORD – I needed to know why and what God wants me to think – so that runs on into a “Bible Study”. It took me 3 tries to finally come up with my WORD for 2015 and 3 posts. What I thought was His Word – obviously was not.

      Now with RESTORE as my Word I can envision all sorts of ways to live in 2015.

      I am very excited to join Creative Tuesdays.

  5. Hi Janis, I love your artwork! And your words always stir me up, and get me excited about following Jesus. I so appreciate your surrendered spirit to the Lord!

    1. Pam
      Thank you so much for your heart-felt words. You don’t know how much that encourages me. I do hope to do more artwork this year – Focus, Intention – and Restore – all in one. Letting God lead me – not pushing but watching where He goes.
      Blessings to you,

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