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Thoughtful Tuesdays – Creative Tuesdays – My Word for 2015

Thoughtful Tuesdays – Creative Tuesdays – My Word for 2015

One of my goals this year was to be intentional – so one way was to join Creative Tuesdays. Every couple of weeks we are given an art challenge.

These were the instructions for this time:

You may have heard of the one little word movement but if you’re still stuck, not to worry! Here’s just one woman’s example.


However you choose to focus on your word, the idea is that it’s one that thrills you to action and contemplation.


It’s more about using intention for the year which is far more inspiring than making a new year’s resolution that invariably fails with its rather rather energy-sapping tasks.

(Creative Tuesdays).


For the last part of 2014 I struggled finding my WORD for this year. I settled on Intentional (which took 2 more posts, an addendum and God Changed my mind). After 16 days of rest, due to a bad bout of flu, I can say that I have been listening to Him.

Here is my artwork that describes my WORD for 2015.

 Word-for-2015webI think my Word for 2015 is RESTORE.

Restore – to grow in each area of my life and produce a crop for Jesus.

I have been reading Titus and also Ed Hird’s book, Restoring Health, Body, Mind and Spirit. Then the Scripture I read next made so much sense.

My life verse is John 21:15, “Feed my lambs”.

So looking at Mark 4:20, I read:

Others, like seed sown on good soil, hear the word, accept it, and produce a crop – some thirty, some sixty, some a hundred times what was sown (Mark 4:20, NIV).

The landscape in the background Is my life here on earth – the places I have been, the places I will go to.

The butterfly is to remind me of my freedom in Christ. I was in a cocoon and now I am free – no longer caught in sin but saved by grace.

It is good to look back over 2014, to reflect on accomplishments and to see where God led me.

And I think that it is good to look ahead, but not so focused that I plow before seeding and planting and check the soil conditions too.

Food has been on my mind. I wrote at Family and Faith Matters how we have changed our diet to eat all healthy, natural foods. I want to nourish my body. I hope to write about this again as we closed Family and Faith Matters.

I even went further to look at each area and what I might want to focus on:

MIND – get rid of excess clutter, focus on one thing at a time

BODY – eat good healthy food, lots of fruit, vegetables, grain fed meats, chicken, fish, no GMO if I can help it, no sugars, no grains. I also need daily exercise and fresh air.

SPIRIT – to spend more time in prayer and studying the Bible.

Prayer: Lord, help me to focus on these areas in my life. Be in each area as I make changes and learn more. Help me in my prayer life – teach me to pray. In Jesus’ name. AMEN.

Thanks to Michael for his Creative Tuesdays linkup.

I will be pinning my artwork on my wall to remind me of my WORD – RESTORE.

What’s your WORD for 2015. I would love to hear from you.


What’s your WORD for 2015? Mine is Restore. See how God let me that word. (Click to Tweet)

I joined Creative Tuesdays. What is my Word for 2015? @dottyhill (click to Tweet)

Does what you eat make a difference?

Does what you eat make a difference?


Photo by Free Digital.net

I am writing over at Family and Faith Matters today. I believe that what you eat makes a difference.

I am reading Ed Hird’s new book called, Restoring Health, Body, Mind and Spirit. I also watched Fed Up, the new movie with Katie Couric. 

From Ed’s book:

Health for Paul [Apostle Paul] was holistic, embracing our whole life in body, mind and spirit.

Read my thoughts on why and how my hubby and I have changed what we eat. Join me at Family and Faith Matters.



Food from the Field

Yesterday I had the privilege and pleasure to pick up my first foodbox of the harvest. I joined a food farm co-operative this summer and each week we receive a portion of the bounty from the fields.

When we arrived at the farm we couldn’t locate the farmer (it was our first time and we had forgotten to bring a bag or box!). We followed voices that we heard from behind the farmhouse. There in the field my farmer friend and her farmer husband tried in vain to round up their lambs.

Watching the lambs scamper up and down the hills reminded me of how we humans follow each other and not the Shepherd. We ask for advice from friends instead of seeking God’s.

How easy it is to follow man’s advice – to do the normal thing, to be one of the crowd. Remember how in the book of Job, Job asked advice from three of his friends. Then Job said:

“But my brothers are fickle as a gulch in the desert
— one day they’re gushing with water
From melting ice and snow
cascading out of the mountains,
But by midsummer they’re dry,
gullies baked dry in the sun” (Job 15, The Message).

It reminded me, too, of Craig Groeschel’s book Weird, how Normal isn’t Working.

Can we, as Christians, be different from the crowd?

Choosing to buy from a local farmer is, for me, choosing to be different. The amount of produce is uncertain – as all depends on God.

The quality may not be supermarket perfect (protected with pesticides or waxed or shelf-life extended) but neither are we. And yet everything belongs to God and He considers us special.

That night as I returned with my bounty, I joyfully washed my greens and cut my radishes; extruded my garlic; washed the kale and the garlic tops; washed and cut the strawberries and rhubarb. Then I stir-fried my kale and baked my garlic tops; and baked a strawberry-rhubarb crumble for dessert.

What a feast we had as we added only rainbow trout and beans!

As I set the table with the flowers from the farmers’ field I felt blessed to be a part of God’s creation.