Tuesday Thoughts – Christmas Cards?

Tuesday Thoughts – Christmas Cards? I have been working on our annual Christmas letter – a little update on our family and a few pictures. It doesn’t take long and many of our friends and family have expressed delight in watching our family grow. We take the Word file over to Staples and have them print… Continue reading Tuesday Thoughts – Christmas Cards?


Into His Presence by Mary Haskett Three months ago friends came to my home for afternoon tea.  Apart from the occasional encounters when out shopping, we had not spent time together for many years. We’d been a singing group in our younger days with weekly practices. One of our group has cancer. An always positive… Continue reading INTO HIS PRESENCE


A Powerful Prayer by Jan Cox How many of you have friends and family that have not received Christ? I know of many who are suffering or not reaching their godly potential as Christ is not their “all in all”. I would like everyone to know Jesus. As I study and gain more insight for… Continue reading A POWERFUL PRAYER


Don’t Write Off a Powerful Prayer (reprinted with permission) By Heather McGillivray Being somewhat of a snoop, I enjoy getting together with friends and finding out what’s going on in their lives. I also love when I make a new friend and get to sit down and talk with her (really talk) for the first time—which is… Continue reading DON’T WRITE OFF A POWERFUL PRAYER