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Sunday Stillness – Convicted of a Bad Habit

Sunday Stillness – Convicted of a Bad Habit

REAL Magnet

Lately I have been convicted again of getting sidetracked from the real purpose of my life. You can check back to my other conviction story. This time the conviction came slowly. I had realized for a long time that social media had become a stealer of my time, energy and ability to write and paint. But I didn’t want to let it go. I felt I needed it to expand and get known.

I don’t feel that way anymore. God is showing me that life is more about REAL connections – through my blog – and writing personal notes to my commenters. And through my life – REAL life where I meet and get to know the people in my town on a more personal level.

I must get back to being R.E.A.L.

I wrote the acronym a long time ago.

R- Release
E- Everything to God
A- AndL- Live

You can download a PDF for Magnet – REAL – Janis Cox.

Habits – I have found social media has become a habit instead of a tool. The final thing that has driven me to cut off this habit happened the other day. I had an appointment at my Naturopath’s. He told me that WiFi could be a potential harm to my system. As soon as I heard that I resolved to stay off my IPad as much as possible. Instead I work at my computer which has a CAT5 plug directly into the wall.

I also try to spend more time outdoors, in my vegetable garden. I love playing in the soil.

As I read Oswald Chambers (Oswald Chambers – May 12), these were my thoughts about habits:

Habits – Make sure your spiritual habits are about getting closer to God and not just checking it off the list. Be ready to break or change a habit if God shows you it is just that – a habit – and not a way of getting closer to Him.

I think that can be taken about any habit, spiritual or not. If it is not life-edifying then I need to drop it.

Now I will have time for more writing, time with friends, time with my husband, and time for painting. I am excited to see where God will lead me with this extra time.


I must get back to being R.E.A.L. (click to tweet)


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7 Habits for 2013

A new year –  a new start.

Another way to count the gifts

Here are a few of my thoughts from this morning’s meditation:

1. “Stay with Me”, says the LORD

– I am to remember to always start my day with Him

2. Get organized.

I think that lately I have been scattered. Not sure if it is the newness of marketing, the ideas flowing so ferociously, that my computer is smack dab in the middle of my kitchen – my husband, our dog, the people walking by outside my window. But I need a plan – for food, for housekeeping, for writing, for computer time.

3. Get a year’s plan.

I want to develop a year’s plan of what I think God wants me to head for, expecting that my course my have many side trails and stop signs.

4. Keep memorizing Scripture.

I have 17 Scriptures under my belt. I had to work hard to get them into this brain. Certainly not as easy as it was years ago. But with practice I can learn to memorize.

5. Continue to Count the Gifts

– I am switching to the JOY DARE from Ann Voskamp because I need more focus on the wonders of God’s gifts.

6. Read more non-fiction with intention to spread what I read.

I have many books on my shelf and on my Kindle. I want to work through these with intention. My first one when it arrives will be Wonderstruck by Margaret Feinberg. This book seems to follow the counting of gifts – to be aware of in tune with God.

7. To focus on the WORD that God has given me for this year (will say more about that later).

This past year the WORD was TRUST – and I think that I became closer to God by trusting Him. I will continue to trust Him this year.

Those are my habits that will be pinned to my bulletin board. I plan to review them and make sure I am following His leading and never be afraid to add another Habit.

Blessings to all my readers.


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