3 Ps for the New Year

3 Ps for the New Year On Hope Stream Radio you can listen to the entire podcast called 3 Ps for the New Year. 3Ps for the New Year – click here. Thinking back over the past 31 days that I studied the human trafficking scriptures I thought about what God had been teaching me.… Continue reading 3 Ps for the New Year

How to be Thankful Throughout the Year

How To Be Thankful Throughout the Year by Stephanie Nickel. One of my Facebook friends took a challenge in 2013 to list 1,200 reasons to be thankful. When my mother-in-law gave me a journal for Christmas, it didn’t take long to decide what I would use it for.


7 Habits for 2013 A new year –  a new start. Here are a few of my thoughts from this morning’s meditation: 1. “Stay with Me”, says the LORD – I am to remember to always start my day with Him 2. Get organized. I think that lately I have been scattered. Not sure if… Continue reading 7 HABITS FOR 2013