#UTCOP – God, Why are You Not Answering My Prayer?

As far as I was concerned, I was asking, asking and asking. But God wasn’t answering. So one night, on my knees I cried out, ‘God, why are you not answering my prayer?’

Why Don’t We Ask For Prayer?

Why Don’t We  Ask For Prayer? by Brenda Wood My friend Jean recently lost her husband and when we ask how she is doing, she exclaims…”I am fine! I am just fine.” Well, I’ve lost my husband and I know that the truth is that she is not fine. She is one of those strong, silent… Continue reading Why Don’t We Ask For Prayer?


If Prayer were Common Sense by Jan Cox I take myself to be a reasonable person. I can be persuaded to see the other side of an argument – sometimes it is not easy as my husband would attest. But I do try to use my common sense. Jesus talks to us about the other… Continue reading IF PRAYER WERE COMMON SENSE