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#UTCOP – God, Why are You Not Answering My Prayer?

We welcome a new guest blogger today, June Whittle. I am pleased to have her join us at #UTCOP. Please give her a warm welcome. Enjoy her post about faith and never giving up.

#UTCOP – God, Why Are You Not Answering My Prayer?

by June Whittle


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So I say to you: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you (Luke 11:9, NIV).

As far as I was concerned, I was asking, asking and asking. But God wasn’t answering. So one night, on my knees I cried out, ‘God, why are you not answering my prayer?’

I had been earnestly praying for my daughter to come back to God.

For three years we were part of a dedicated praise and worship team at a church. She was passionate about God, read her Bible daily, prayed and even ministered to her friends. But something in the church changed. The focus became too money orientated, instead of the Word of God. So, God moved us from there.

My daughter didn’t want to know God anymore.

We did find another church. However, the experiences from the old church left a bad taste in my daughter’s mouth. She started to question God about faith, creation and lots of other things.

Eventually, she didn’t want to go to church anymore. She started drifting away. And my heart was breaking. I felt like I was losing my daughter.

Our home turned into a battlefield. I couldn’t talk to her. Everything I said upset her. She lashed out at me verbally at every given chance. I became extremely stressed. I rang family and friends asking for advice. They were helpful, but it didn’t change anything. The situation grew worse.

My daughter developed an interest in nightclubs, drinking and smoking. Her best friend (an old classmate) was a girl who loved getting drunk and hanging out with lots of boys. She and my daughter became so close that my daughter stayed at her flat most nights. Sometimes I didn’t even know if she was coming home or not. When I questioned her about her whereabouts, she got angry with me.

Where was God when I needed Him?

It’s funny how you tend to turn to everybody else except God in a crisis. But I thank God for the promptings of the Holy Spirit. He spoke to my heart and told me to commit the situation to God.

Pray without ceasing,  in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you (1 Thes. 5:17-18, NKJV).

That’s exactly what I did. For months, I prayed asking God to take control and do something. I cried out to Him. I begged Him.

But the more I prayed, the worse the situation became. Many more months passed.

My daughter and I just wasn’t getting on. She didn’t even want to stay at home or spend any time with me. When she was at home, she stayed in her room. I hardly saw her.

“Why God? Why? Why are you not answering my prayers?” I pleaded with Him. I couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong. I even asked a fervent man of God to agree with me in prayer for my daughter to come back to God and to change her rebellious ways.

It seemed like all my prayers were floating in the air. Maybe God didn’t hear me or refused to listen to my pleas.

However, I didn’t give up.

When she was out at night, I prayed for her protection. I was afraid she would get raped or even murdered. She was mixing with all types of unsavory people. People who didn’t know God. Who didn’t care about how they lived their lives.

I knew I shouldn’t worry. I couldn’t help it though. I had no peace at nights.

The torment I was in, went on for nearly two years.

The surprise telephone call that blew my mind.

Then one day my daughter told me she was going to the sexual health clinic because she needed to get a check up. She thought she had a urinary infection. I left for work that morning and told her to call me with the results.

She did call me. I was with a student at the time. She said, “Mum, I’m pregnant!”

I replied, “What? Really?” To say I was shocked is an understatement. But I wasn’t angry.

She added, “I wonder what plans God has for me now.”

Well, when I heard her mention the name God, it took my breath away. She actually thought about Him. Enough to wonder about His will for her life.

Anyway, a few weeks later, she rededicated her life to Jesus. Her walk with Him was stronger than before. During her pregnancy, she was on fire for God. I was amazed at the transformation.

So, what I learned was, when you pray and God is silent, He is working. Don’t ever stop praying. Whatever it is you’re asking God to do, hang in there. Be patient and trust Him. He knows best. In my daughter’s case, God used what seemed like a bad situation to glorify His name.


Heavenly Father, I give you thanks. I praise your holy name and worship you. Lord, you are everything to me. When the challenges of life hits me hard, I know I can depend on you. I thank you because you are faithful. You said you would never leave me or forsake me. Thank you for being there even when I thought I was on my own. You carried me when I felt too tired to go on. You lifted me up when my spirit was at its lowest. You whispered to my heart, but I was too distressed to hear you. You were telling me not to give up. And I thank you for keeping me rooted in you.

Lord, I pray that you will bless all mothers, especially single mothers on their own. I ask that you reveal yourself to the ones who are crying out to you for help. Shine your light in the dark places of their lives. May they come to know you and accept you as their Lord. Pour out your love and peace in their hearts. Father, provide everything they need to look after their families.

Father God, I bless you from the bottom of my heart. I give you all the glory, honour and praise. You are worthy. Thank you for your love. In Jesus name. Amen.


When you pray and God is silent, He is working. (tweet this)

June Whittle

June Whittle

June is a single Christian Mummy, freelance writer and blogger. She gave her life to Jesus in 2000 after the death of her dad, ex husband and 2 week old grandson. That year was a turning point in her life. God carried her through the grief and heartaches. He was her strength and source of peace. She hasn’t looked back at her old life since.

June writes to encourage, inspire and motivate other ladies, both Christians and non Christians. God told her to use her gift of writing. As she walks in obedience she finds fulfillment and joy. She loves to help others and uses her writing as a means to empower.

June can be found at: Arise Single Christian Mummies, Miraculous Ladies and Divine Copywriter.

Why Don’t We Ask For Prayer?

Why Don’t We  Ask For Prayer?

by Brenda Wood


My friend Jean recently lost her husband and when we ask how she is doing, she exclaims…”I am fine! I am just fine.”

Well, I’ve lost my husband and I know that the truth is that she is not fine.

She is one of those strong, silent types who keeps everything to herself.  Her heart is aching but she puts on a brave face and lies to all her friends. What is she thinking?

On the other hand, Bessie, another friend, bores us to tears as she shares every minute of her life demanding that we pray for her. Do we share our every thought with the world?

Isn’t there  a middle ground? Are we the type who keeps the necessary quiet, but willingly asks for prayer from trustworthy friends?

Lately it seemed that I am constantly contacting faithful prayer partners to ask for their support. I began to feel guilty for asking so often. Who was I to demand so much time and attention?

Then someone drew my attention to biblical reminders to pray without ceasing. (See Acts 12:5Romans 1:9 and 1 Thessalonians 5:17.)

Of course there are some things that we might wish to keep to ourselves, but prayer needs are definitely not one of them.

“When two of you get together on anything at all on earth and make a prayer of it, my Father in heaven goes into action. And when two or three of you are together because of me, you can be sure that I’ll be there.” (Matthew 18:19-20, MSG)


So Lord, here we are today, all of us gathered together in prayer, trusting you are acting on our behalf. For Christ, who always acts with us in mind. Amen.

Brenda J. Wood

A popular motivational speaker, Brenda, of Barrie, Ontario is known for her common sense wisdom, sense of humour and quirky comments. Brenda especially enjoys speaking at women’s retreats and conferences, community events, Mops, World Day of Prayer, and Stonecroft Ministries.

A prolific author, her current books include:

The Big Red Chair: a children’s book dealing with the loss of a grandparent.
Meeting Myself: Snippets from a Fractured Mind:  the author’s recovery from abuse and eating disorders.
Hearts Under Construction: A motivational cookbook designed to feed both body and soul
Heartfelt: 366 Devotions for Common Sense Living.
God, Gluttony and You: a Bible Study dealing with our relationship to food.
Read more at:
facebook – www.facebook.com/brendawoodspeaker


If Prayer were Common Sense

by Jan Cox

I take myself to be a reasonable person. I can be persuaded to see the other side of an argument – sometimes it is not easy as my husband would attest. But I do try to use my common sense.

Jesus talks to us about the other spectrum – supernatural sense – where there may be no common sense of why at all, in earthly terms.

That’s why we scream against bad happenings and cry – Why God, Why? We can’t see “the other side”; we want to make everything to be at our human level of thinking – and that is not God’s level.

One passage that I have starred many times is 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18. Here we are told three things to do which are supernatural revelations:

Be joyful always
Pray continually
Give thanks

Oswald Chambers talks about praying “without ceasing” (KJV). If we think of prayer as something to do only when such and such happens, then Oswald suggest we are on the wrong track. He reminds us to think of prayer as breathing, as blood flowing in our veins. We are not conscious of it but it always goes on as we live. “Prayer is not an exercise, it is life.”

So as we live and breathe we pray.

Maxi Dunham wrote an excellent workbook called Living Prayer. In it we learn as we live we can pray. But it is suggested that we might need to learn this. Although prayer is innate, in our lives it can become clogged like an artery can be clogged. The spontaneity of prayer can be lost.

“Pray without ceasing”; “keep the childlike habit of offering up prayer in your heart to God all the time.” (Oswald Chambers, May 26, 2011)

Awareness of Jesus and opening our hearts to Him, opens the artery of prayer. Let’s learn together how to do the supernatural and pray continually.

Next week I will talk about One way to learn how to pray continually.

My Gratitude List – I have stopped numbering and will just continue my list:

– a royal wedding where love seemed evident
– a royal wedding message that made God come first
– chicken already cook from the store
– medicines for pain
– a hubby who does the dishes
– time for prayer with a friend
– first buds on the trees (very late spring this year)
– Ann Voskamp
– Ann Voskamp (she needs at least 2)
– reading One Thousand Gifts
– leading One Thousand Gifts Bible Study
-buying a piece of land
– waiting on God
– beautiful sunshine – clear blue skies (not today while I write this..)


Jan Cox

Jan, a former school teacher and small business owner, found a new passion in writing in her retirement. She has published two devotionals and a number articles for magazines and a Bible study. She is owner of Under the Cover of Prayer and moderates the site. She also writes at A Better Way. Jan has written a children’s book in which she is also the watercolour illustrator. She hopes to publish it this year.