How can I Plant Seeds along Life’s Path? This is a combination of my Five-Minute Friday post and my sermon Monday post. The last few days I have spent at a fantastic conference called Write! Canada, a conference for writers who are Christian. I heard the words, seed and path repeated time and again. Today… Continue reading HOW CAN I PLANT SEEDS ALONG LIFE’S PATH?


SO FAR, SO GOOD, SO WHAT? – Sermon Sermon by Rev. Dr. John James – St. Andrews United Church, Niagara Falls Rev. Dr. John James officiated in our service this morning’s service, celebrating 100 years of the sanctuary of Haliburton United Church, Haliburton, Ontario. A former minister of this congregation he talked about the past,… Continue reading SO FAR, SO GOOD, SO WHAT? – Sermon


UCW 50th Anniversary We had a different service on Sunday this week. Our UCW (United Church Women) took the whole service. Kay Moore did an excellent job of organizing and delegating the jobs. I heard many comments after the service at how lovely it had been. Looking at the UCW, as Kay did during Children’s… Continue reading UCW 50th ANNIVERSARY


The Pentecostal Church Preached by Rev. Harold Morgan Video Podcast Part 1 and Part 2 I have to admit that during the sermon today I was a little distracted. My grandson (2 1/2 months old) and my daughter were attending with Wayne and me. So my little one kept me from completely listening to Harry’s sermon.… Continue reading THE PENTECOSTAL CHURCH – Sermon


“Ascencial” Truth – Sermon by Rev. Harold Morgan This weekend was the 24th of May Weekend – celebrating Queen Victoria’s birthday in Canada. Our minister, Harry, spoke about kingship, and ascension to the throne. In the secular world there is much pomp given to the ascension of a king/queen. Gifts are given and received. The… Continue reading “ASCENCIAL” TRUTH – Sermon


Labour and Deliverance It is Mother’s Day – and I am writing this because it is important for me to rethink what our minister said today. There were so many things that Harry spoke about today I am having trouble putting them together in my mind. So I will tell you the high points of… Continue reading LABOUR AND DELIVERANCE – Sunday’s sermon

BODILY FUNCTIONS – Sunday’s Sermon

Bodily Functions – my reflections on Sunday’s Sermon It’s a good thing that Harry, our minister, has learned to trust in God and give Him the lead. Today in church we had no electrical power. He knew ahead of time and had a generator working. But even with that the generator, power was lost twice,;… Continue reading BODILY FUNCTIONS – Sunday’s Sermon

BLESSED BE – Sunday’s Sermon

Blessed Be I have called 2012 the Year of Trust. In this year I am focusing on trusting God – really. I have found it interesting that since I made that statement – how many times I see this word, TRUST, in my reading of Scripture, in sermons, in Bible studies and in conversation. Last… Continue reading BLESSED BE – Sunday’s Sermon

TRUST – Sunday’s Sermon

Trust What a pleasure this morning to have a guest pastor, Pastor Brian Plouffe, visit us at my home church in Haliburton. This was our first Sunday back in our church since last October because we spent six months away this winter. Our homecoming – wonderful. Read my post on Together. Today here are a… Continue reading TRUST – Sunday’s Sermon

WELCOME TO THE WELL – Sunday’s Sermon

Welcome to the Well Scripture taken from John 4:1-26. You can also see this Scripture on Youtube. You can view  the podcast. One thing I like about the way Pastor John gives a sermon is the historical background he gives us. The story of the Samaritan woman at the well is known to many of us… Continue reading WELCOME TO THE WELL – Sunday’s Sermon