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Thoughtful Tuesdays: How to Live in Defiant Joy

Thoughtful Tuesdays: How to Live in Defiant Joy


While reading the first few chapters of Margaret Feinberg’s book, Fight Back with Joy, I was suffering from one of the worst bouts of flu I have had in a long time.

 I decided to follow her advice and I fought back with JOY.

I thought of thanking God for the timing of this illness – we had had a wonderful Christmas break with family, we flew back to Arizona with a reasonable flight, we went out for a great New Year’s Eve Party with friends – before the flu hit. I thanked God for a patient and loving husband – so tolerant of my moans and pleas. I thanked God for friends who were praying for my recovery.

Yes I could feel JOY during this time.

Margaret writes from her whole heart and her experiences as she tells about her brutal fight with cancer. She explains lessons she learns along the way.

She says:

More than whimsy, joy is a weapon we use to fight life’s battles… You are founded in joy, created for joy, and destined for joy. Joy is where you come from. Joy is what you are created to experience. Joy is where you are headed.

I asked Margaret how hard it was to write this book on a scale from 1-10.

An eleven! This journey has been the most painful experience of my life. And, to share about it requires some vulnerability. Okay, a lot of vulnerability. And, that’s really, really hard. But I feel like I’m finally ready to share what God has stirred in my heart along the way because although cancer has been the most painful journey—it has also been the most joyful. And no one is more surprised than I am.

Pick up a copy of Fight Back With Joy at Amazon or Barnes and Noble today.

Fight back with JoyWatch the promo video:


Joy is where you come from. … Joy is where you are headed. @mafeinberg #fightbackwith joy. (click to tweet)

Janis Cox


Janis is the author of the award winning children’s book, Tadeo Turtle, published by Word Alive Press. Available in Kindle Format, in bookstores, online and from her website. Curriculum available upon request.

You can find her on Facebook, and Twitter. Tadeo has his own Facebook Page.







Blog Hop for Writers – What Genre Do You Write?

Blog Hop for Writers – What Genre Do You Write?

What Genre Do You Write?


I started writing by journalling. I wrote what God showed me through His Word, and through people I met. In the first couple of years of journalling I wrote over 150 poems along with questions, words from the Bible, quotes and what eventually turned into posts. I asked God, “What’s up”?

Here is one of the first poems I wrote (unedited) called Meditation.

In the quiet and stillness
You are there.

You arrive slowly
Envelope me with a warmth and peace.

I feel Your Presence intensifying
As You hold me in a spell-binding embrace.

I don’t want to let You go.
I hold on to the moment.
I remember it.

I thank You for all Your blessings.
I remember others to You.

We are together, we are connected.

Time passes.
I must return to my daily tasks.

But, I take with me Your peace,
Your joy,
And the memory,
Of You.

After writing all those poems, I started to write devotionals and had two published in The Upper Room – A Pottery Lesson    and   Quiet Moments.

At the same time, I started two blogs, Spirit-filled Canada and A Better Way. (These are both closed now). Spirit-Filled Canada started because I wrote a companion Bible study for Ed Hird’s book, Battle for the Soul of Canada. You can have a free copy as an e-book by writing to me. (Janis). A Better Way started after I wrote a midrash of the story of Mary and Martha.

From that story I started a children’s story about Mary and Martha and did some watercolour pictures. That story is still in the vault.

Then I heard God’s voice saying to start a different blog. This time focussing on prayer. So I started Under the Cover of Prayer. It has been running since 2010 with many contributors and guest bloggers.

Then one day while journalling, a little story about a turtle flew off the paper. That story morphed into Tadeo Turtle where I did the illustrations and published it in the fall of 2012.

Tadeo Turtle - Written and Illustrated by Janis Cox

Tadeo Turtle – Written and Illustrated by Janis Cox

Next came a website with a blog called He Cares for You because I needed to build a platform.

Now to go back to the question:

What genre do I write?

I have written poetry, fiction, non-fiction, devotionals, Bible study and a children’s book.

So my answer is –  I have no idea. I write what God calls me to write. He inspires me. I try to listen where He is leading me in my ministry to “feed His lambs”. God is in charge of what I write.

Joy comes from seeing the complete fulfillment of the specific purpose for which I was created and born again (Oswald Chambers).

What has God called you to do in your life?

We each have to find a niche in life, and spiritually we find it when we receive a ministry from the Lord (Oswald Chambers).

Ask Jesus to reveal to you what He has called you to do. And LISTEN for His answer. Be ready to move in the direction He is leading. We can do this as we work towards a closer fellowship with Him and strive for Jesus being more than our personal Saviour – He must be our everything.


What has God called you to do in your life? I write for Him. (click to tweet)

What genre do I write?  I write what God calls me to write. He inspires me. (click to tweet)

Fifth in a series of a Writers Blog Hop held by Ruth Snyder. 

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Blog Hop -5

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Five Minute Friday – Jesus asks, “Are you willing to follow me?”

Five Minute Friday – Jesus asks, “Are you willing to follow Me?”

Linking with Lisa Jo where we take only 5 minutes to write – #FMFParty. No editing. Just getting our thoughts and words on paper (computer).

Go – The word this week is “willing”.

Are you willing to follow Me?


Path picture by Kimberley Payne

These first two months of this year, 2014, God has been prodding me to listen more to His Voice. I read The Circle Maker, Not a Fan, Kisses from Katie, and The Power of Persistent Prayer. Of course I also read the Bible. Right now I am reading through the New Testament for Lent with Margaret Feinberg.

Am I on the path that follows Jesus?

The question that keeps arising is, “Are you willing to follow Me?” And also I hear the repeated call, “Feed my lambs”.

My answer is a question, “How much, Lord?”

His answer, “All in”.

We started the first week of our new Bible Study on Not A Fan. Here are some take-aways from that first encounter with Jesus.

A follower gives Jesus the master key to his/her heart (soul).
I need to define this relationship I have with Jesus.
I need to ask myself where I have not allowed Jesus to enter in my life.

This week I start writing in the journal that Kyle provides for this study.

 Then he said to them all: “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me” (Luke 9:23, NIV).

My questions:

What does take up my cross mean?
What does deny myself really mean? – How is that possible?
How can I make each day – totally His?

STOP – I actually don’t want to stop – but I will continue to ask myself these questions; I will continue to ask God these questions; and I will try to tell you what I discover in the next 6 weeks of study.

What do you think?


What does take up my cross mean?  (click to tweet)

How can I make each day totally for Jesus? (click to tweet)

Am I on the path that follows Jesus? (click to tweet)

Five-Minute Fridays

Five-Minute Fridays

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The 4 Nows

by Jan Cox

Early Morning Time with God

“God You are my God … and I will ever praise You… I will seek You in the morning and I will learn to walk in Your ways… step by step you’ll lead me and I’ll follow You all of my days.” Step by Step by Michael W. Smith

I sing that. And then I forget what it means.

This is NOT what I have been doing. Other things get crammed into my early mornings – my IPOD, ideas, my new book, surfing the Net. All these things seep into my time – this early morning time – with You.

It has happened before and I know it will happen again. But I am sorry. I have forgotten that You must be first.

So, I have come up with:


NOW (this morning time) is a time for PRAYER.

I have not been vigilant. I do pray whenever the Spirit leads me but I have been lax lifting those people, whom I have promised to pray for, to You on a regular basis. So this morning time will be for that.

NOW (this morning time) is a time for PRAISE.

Whether it is through music or words – I want to sing Your praises. I have not done this enough. The Psalms would be a good place to start. Music too. My drive to Peterborough and back reminded me how much I love to sing praise to You.

NOW (this morning time) is a time for STUDY.

That means studying Your Word. I have been doing my Bible Study on returning from Poland – but not regularly. I have been back almost a month and I am not finished yet. I want to delve into the Word and hear what You want to tell me.

NOW (this morning time) is a time for YOU.

Yes, I want to remember to still my mind before You. I want to take this time to stop thinking and talking and start listening. I need this – it focuses me; it refreshes me; it gives me peace.

So here it a new start (once again). May my mornings be for You. May this time not be wasted with other “things”.

How about you? Do you live with God in the NOW? Can you take time, whether it is morning, afternoons, evening or the middle of the night – to meet with our God? It doesn’t matter how long but it does matter if you do it.

What do you think?

Here is Michael Smith singing Step by Step.

Counting My Blessings – to 2000 – I am at 1666

        • God’s peace
        • Great prayers
        • Good thoughts
        • Working on Tadeo Revision
        • Being asked to speak about my trip to Poland to the UCW
        • Playing in pool with grandchildren and watching to see what great swimmers they are
        • Bath time with grandchildren
        • Storytime with grandchildren
        • Thanks for keeping me awake, Lord, on the way home
        • Singing Your praises while I drive
        • Conversation with You while I drive
        • A stressful situation finished
        • Great swim in the lake from our boat
        • Knowing it was NOT the right digital piano
        • The love of my hubby
        • Excitement felt in my daughter as she gets ready for her Kindergarten class
        • Life growing inside my daughter
        • Questions are good
        • Debates are good
        • Scripture is powerful
        • “Wages of sin is death: the Gift of God is eternal life in Jesus” (Romans 6:23)
        • The morning sunshine

Janis Cox - Author and Illustrator

Janis Cox

Jan, a former school teacher and small business owner, found a new passion in writing in her retirement. She has published two devotionals and a number of articles for magazines and a Bible study. She is owner of Under the Cover of Prayer and moderates the site. She also writes at A Better Way. Jan has completed a children’s book called Tadeo Turtle. She is the watercolour illustrator. Word Alive will be publishing this story and it will be available later this summer. See more about Tadeo at Jan’s Website.


Here is your chance to win

Coming up next Thursday – a chance to win. Next Thursday will be your chance to add comments to my post for a chance to win Grace Fox’s DVD and Bible Study on Moving from Fear to Freedom: A Woman-to-Woman Conversation.- a great ministry resource for women in your congregation. Make sure to drop in and see all about it.

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Fear is a big deal for many women. If left unchecked, it can prevent us from fulfilling God’s purpose for our lives. So, what’s the answer? How can we move beyond fear into freedom?

Grace Fox, Canadian author of four books including Moving from Fear to Freedom: A Woman’s Guide to Peace in Every Situation,  shares the answers in her newly released DVD and Bible study guide titled Moving from Fear to Freedom: A Woman-to-Woman Conversation.

See you next Thursday.