Will We Remember?

Will We Remember? by Kimberley Payne And now, O Lord our God, who hast brought Thy people forth out of the land of Egypt with a mighty hand, and hast made Thee a name, as at this day (Daniel 9:15, NIV). In the Bible, we see that Daniel was a righteous man who prayed regularly… Continue reading Will We Remember?

Sunday Stillness – Psalm 139:1-4

Sunday Stillness – Psalm 139:1-4 I bought a little sketch book recently and as I read the Bible, and my devotionals I have been using my new watercolour pencils to sketch what I feel. As I read Jesus Calling on August 24th, I felt God’s presence and saw Him hovering over everything – the sea… Continue reading Sunday Stillness – Psalm 139:1-4


Holding on to Faith by Mary Haskett In times of crisis it can be difficult to hold on to our faith, but thank God we can immediately call upon Him for help. Our hearts may be racing with the trouble at hand, but we are assured He is there to help us. Many times crisis… Continue reading HOLDING ON TO FAITH