OPPORTUNITY – Five Minute Fridays

Opportunity “A favourable junction of circumstances” – that’s opportunity. I believe God brings us opportunities. I also believe that we sometimes say no, due to fear, worry and circumstances. Grace Fox’s Bible study, Moving From Fear to Freedom, is breaking down some of those barriers for me. For a long time I would tell myself… Continue reading OPPORTUNITY – Five Minute Fridays


Stretching I have had back problems in my past and I have learned that stretching is very good to keep those back muscles strong. The same goes for my mind. As I age I want to make sure that I keep as sharp as possible. To that end I try many tactics. I have learned… Continue reading STRETCHING


Simply Saturday On Saturdays I write for only 5 minutes – the topic today is Write!Canada. Write!Canada At the time of your reading this post I will be on the last day of my writers’ conference, Write!Canada held in Guelph, Ontario. I have attended this conference for the past seven years and each year get… Continue reading SIMPLY SATURDAY – Write!Canada


Lat Friday I wrote for Inscribe – and once again I relied on God to show me what to write. Here is what I wrote. Please come and see what Inscribe Bloggers OnLine is all about. Why Do I write? A blank computer screen – and no thoughts – that is the pang of a… Continue reading WHY DO I WRITE?


Stretching I took a step again out of my comfort zone. I have written my first blog post for Inscribe. It is different blogging for your own blog than it is writing for someone else’s blog. More tension. But God gave me wonderful inspiration and I thank Him. Please check out my post at Inscribe.… Continue reading BLOG AT INSCRIBE


I admit it – I am a perfectionist I will let you in on a secret I am a perfectionist. You wouldn’t know it by looking at my desk – papers all over – but in my banking, or my teaching or now in my blogging I get stressed if I don’t get it right.… Continue reading I AM A PERFECTIONIST