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#UTCOP – What is a Faith Prayer?

What is a Faith Prayer?

by Susan Harris


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Father, I come to you in the Name of Jesus. My heart sings because I know You are moving on my behalf even though I may not see which direction You are going.

Help me to forge ahead in faith with my Sword lifted to sever doubt and discouragement.

I will passionately pursue the dreams You have hidden in my heart.

We will partner and watch the blessings of the Almighty overtake me. Today I will breathe the pure air of the noble calling in Christ. I will seek the high place. I will live in anticipation that You who began a good work in me is faithful to complete it.

Glue my eyes heavenwards and light the path so I will not stumble. Thank you Jesus. Amen.


Help me to forge ahead in faith with my sword lifted. (tweet this)

Susan Harris

Susan Harris

Susan is a speaker, wife, mother, and former teacher. Prayer is her passion, and except for salvation, it is the subject on which she has spoken most frequently over 20 years of Christian ministry. She is also the author of three books – Little Copper Pennies for Kids, Little Copper Pennies: Celebrating the Life of the Canadian one cent piece (for adults) and Golden Apples in Silver Settings. She loves kittens, pennies, and making new friends. Find her at, on Facebook at SusanHarrisCanadianAuthor, and on Twitter @SusanHarris20.


#UTCOP – How We Can Pray When We are Weary

How We Can Pray When We are Weary

by Jen Cudmore


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The first half of this year, even though I prayed about all my commitments, I took on too much. Between working full time, writing a novel, keeping up on my blog, and writing blogs for 4 other sites, I struggled to take care of my home, husband, and children. To say the least, I was exhausted.

My only hope was to rely on the strength of my God.

The Bible says that we should not grow weary of doing good (Gal 6:9) and that His strength is made perfect in our weakness (2 Cor 12:9).

I was so overwhelmed, I wasn’t sure how I could carry on.

Here is a prayer I wrote for myself during that tough season.

“God, You said I could cast all my cares on you (1 Pet 5:7) because You do not grow weary – I can rely on You for strength. I cannot do this on my own, but You are able to keep me from falling (Jude v24). You will sustain me.

Help me not to fear or become dismayed, for You are my God & You will strengthen me. You uphold me with Your righteous right hand. (Isaiah 41:10). Remind me to lift my eyes up because my help comes from You, Maker of Heaven & Earth. You will not let my foot slip; You are ever vigilant. (Psalm 121:1-3)

Help me remember that my troubles are only for this moment & if I believe in faith & persevere, I will achieve an eternal glory. I don’t want to focus on the temporary things in life. Help me to fix my eyes on what is not seen because that is eternal. (2 Cor 4:17-18).

 “O God, Hear my prayer! I cry to You for help when my heart is overwhelmed. Lead me to the towering rock of safety, for You are my safe refuge…Let me live forever in Your sanctuary, safe beneath the shelter of Your wings!” – Psalm 61:1-4


A prayer to uplift weary hearts by Jen Cudmore. (tweet this)

He carries us when we are tired and weak – pray this prayer. (tweet this)

Jen Cudmore

Jen Creek small

Jen grew up on the Columbia River Gorge and currently lives in Alaska with her husband, two children, two boxers, and two cats. Her goal is to write novels that encourage women to look for positive qualities in a life partner, and to foster an environment of real romance, rather than fantasy, as they grow old with their spouse. For more, visit her website at You can also find her on FacebookTwitterPinterest, and Goodreads.


#UTCOP – How to Pray for Today

How to Pray for Today

by Stephanie Nickel


Only Today

How can I glorify You TODAY?
How can I make You known TODAY?
How can I draw closer to You TODAY?
How can I abide in Christ TODAY?

How can I go into all the world TODAY?
How can I store up treasures in heaven TODAY?
How can I rejoice in the Lord TODAY?
How can I enter Your gates with thanksgiving and Your courts with praise TODAY?

How can I keep my eyes on the Author and Finisher of my faith TODAY?
How can I fulfill those good works You’ve prepared for me to accomplish TODAY?
How can I be anxious for nothing but pray about everything TODAY?
How can I run and not be weary, walk and not faint TODAY?

How can I wait upon You and mount up with wings as eagles TODAY?
How can I study to show myself approved TODAY?
How can I pray without ceasing TODAY?
How can I take my thoughts captive to Christ TODAY?

How can I exercise the mind of Christ TODAY?
How can I be clothed in Christ TODAY?
How can I love You completely TODAY?


May I honour You and bless others TODAY? – a prayer #UTCOP. (tweet this)

Steph Beth Nickel

Headshot 1 Stephanie 2013

Steph Beth is a wife of over 30 years and the mother of three grown children. Steph’s eclectic interests include writing, editing, fitness, photography, and childbirth (she is also a labour doula).
Steph’s was honoured to co-author former Paralympian Deb Willows’ memoir. Living Beyond My Circumstances is available from Amazon and directly from the publisher, Castle Quay Books, among other places. 
Steph edits for Christian Editing Services under the leadership of Karen Burkett. She is a long-time member of The Word Guild and a more recent member of InScribe Christian Writers’ Fellowship.

Steph blogs at Steph’s Electic Interests. Her author website, Steph Beth Nickel, is a work-in-progress.

You can also find her at Steph’s Facebook and Steph’s Twitter.

#UTCOP – How to pray using The P.A.T.H to Prayer

How to pray using The P.A.T.H to Prayer

by Kimberley Payne



Lord, You are worthy of my praise. I praise You for Who You are. I praise You for what You do. You are full of grace and mercy. You are creative and imaginative. You are slow to anger and forgiving. You are awesome.


Father, I admit that I say, do, and think things that are sinful. Specifically I ask forgiveness for ______________________.


God, I thank You for this beautiful season. I thank You for my health. I thank You for hearing my prayers and providing for my needs.


Lord, I pray for the salvation of my children, my husband, my entire family. I pray for peace especially for those who are being persecuted today. I pray for Your will to be done in my life.

In Jesus’ name I pray.

For more information on how to use P.A.T.H. please check Kimberley’s post How Should I Pray?


How to pray using The P.A.T.H to prayer. (tweet this)

Kimberley Payne

Kimberley is a motivational speaker and author. Her writings relate raising a family, pursuing a healthy lifestyle, and everyday experiences to building a relationship with God. Through her work, Kimberley hopes to inspire people to live lives that glorify God. You can visit her website at

#UTCOP – A Month of Prayers – How We Cry Out

How We Cry Out

by Mary Haskett


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O God help us not to despair as we hear, read and see through the media, all the turmoil in the world today. Help us stay focused on You and to keep in mind that in the final battle You will reign victorious.

Dear Lord, comfort those being persecuted. Help them to remember, even if their lives are taken from this world, they will be ushered into heaven and their tears will be wiped away.

We pray for the Jewish nation, protect them against the enemies that surround them. We know the land they dwell in is Your land and You ordained that they should live there. We know that no man can drive them out. We marvel at your protection of Your people, but we know it is a difficult time once again for them.

We submit our prayers to you Lord in faith believing You will have Your way. Amen


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Mary Haskett

Mary is a writer and speaker. Since becoming a Christian she has served in many capacities. On a monthly basis in her home, she hosts a women’s prayer group, a women’s fellowship group, and Ready Writers, London of which she is the founder.
She serves in several ministries in her church. She is a member of The Word Guild. and Inscribe Christian Writers’ Fellowship.

Her book Reverend Mother’s Daughter was a finalist in the 2008 Word Guild of Canada Awards and won an IPPY award in the states. Her second book Because We Prayed was released two years ago.  India My Calling is her latest release, and relates the compelling story of  Jean Darling who served for 40 years on the mission field. Mary has had many articles published and  has been a regular contributor to the community publication Christian Life in London. You can visit her at


#UTCOP – A Month of Prayer – Where’s the Love?

Where’s the Love?

by Patricia Day


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I pray for tried and true discipline and respect to return to human hearts.

I am filled with anguish for the ordinary folk. The mothers, fathers, and siblings deeply impacted by terrorism, war, and famine. This world can be an ugly place; made so by the greed and cruelty of vicious individuals who show no caring traits. Filled only with a salacious appetite for power they destroy anyone and anything standing in their way.

I pray for God’s peace in this world.   I pray for each of us to be impacted so deeply by the distress of others that we do something to help them. In any way we can. That we do not stand by as good people are eliminated simply because they choose what is right and refute what is wrong.

I pray that world leaders will stand up to the perpetrators of terrorism and determine to seek and bring to justice the monsters wreaking havoc on earth.

My prayer is that love: respect: compassion and integrity rule once again, and evil acts are overcome quickly and effectively.


Make a difference – pray. Join us for a month of prayer.

Patricia Day

Patricia Day

Writing has always been a passion of Patricia’s. She believes that she expresses herself better in writing. Patricia enjoys creating short stories and devotionals. Other favourite past-times include family-time; gardening; reading; walking and listening to good music.

Patricia is married and the mother of two sons and stepmom to a son & daughter. Best of all, she is Nana to ten grandchildren. Look for her devotionals at Pepe Prays  and her blog Patricia E. Day .

Patricia recently completed her first novel – Eleanor, A Stolen Childhood . she is currently at work on second novel, Priscilla – Hidden in the Shadows.


#UTCOP – A Month of Prayer – Praying Through Poetry

Praying Through Poetry

by Joy Lenton



Thanks to Ladyheart at morgue file for the image.


There’s so much grief and pain in our hearts
in a world where lives are torn apart
With war and conflict on every side
we need a safe place, shelter to hide

Men, women, children in captivity
Please provide a way for them to be free
With broken hearts and wounded souls
we need your touch to make us whole

Physically, mentally, we need release
from anxiety, shame, into your peace
When all feels dark and black as night
reveal your presence shining bright



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Joy is a grace-dweller and storyteller who weaves words out of the fabric of her days. Her desire is to seek the poetic in the prosaic and look for the eternal in the temporal.

As an M.E and chronic illness sufferer, who is also recovering from a painful past, she writes with a heart for the hurting and to support and encourage others who are struggling with life and faith issues.

She is  a member of the Association of Christian Writers and Fellowship of Christian bloggers.

You can connect with her at her blogs, ‘Words of Joy’ or ‘Poetry Joy’, and on TwitterFacebookGoogle + or Pinterest.

Sunday Stillness – Let’s Just Pray

Sunday Stillness – Let’s Just Pray

This month of September on #UTCOP we will be offering prayer posts to our Lord. All our contributors will be posting their prayers.


We hope you will join us with your own prayers in the comments or by linking prayer posts.

Listen to this prayer of mine, God;
pay attention to what I’m asking.
Answer me—you’re famous for your answers ( Psalm 143:1, The Message)!

Let’s fill the web with the prayers of His Saints. Hear our prayers, Oh Lord. And in Your love, answer them.

The voice of the Spirit is … so gentle…unless you are living in perfect communication with God, you never hear it (Oswald Chambers, August 13).


Lord, we come to You, humbled by the knowledge that we humans can actually talk directly to our Creator God, Lord of the Universe. Guide us this month as we open our hearts to You; as we thank You; cry out to You; and yes even question You. Teach us as we pray to trust You; listen to You and follow You.

Teach us to be still so we can listen. Thank You, Jesus, who made the Way for this communication. In His precious Name, Amen.


As I Cry Out

I call on You, Lord
Change me as You desire
Open my ears to hear
Open my eyes to see
Open my heart to feel.

Help me to teach others to pray
Carve a spot in our lives
To have a God-conversation.

Then help to make
That conversation on-going
So Your Spirit is in us
At all times.


Join us for a month of prayers in September at #UTCOP. (tweet this)

Make a difference – pray. Join us at #UTCOP. (tweet this)

Carve a spot in our lives to have time for a God-conversation. (tweet this)

READ OTHER POSTS AND ENCOURAGE ONE ANOTHER. Please check out all the places I link to during the week. Thanks to everyone who has joined Sunday Stillness. Here are my favourite links for Sunday Stillness: The Sunday Community by Deidra Riggs Still Saturday by Sandra Heskaking Sharing His Beauty Missional Women – Faith Filled Fridays Jennifer Miller at Scripture and a Snapshot Fellowship Fridays at Christian Mommy Blogger The Weekend Brew by Barbie Shelly Hendricks at Renewed Daily (Recommendation Saturday)

#UTCOP – What is Home Sweet Home?

 What is Home Sweet Home?

by Brenda J Wood


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We are building houses day by day
Included in our life of eat, sleep and play.

Our food is the lumber that we choose
And the best of materials must be used.

That’s meat and veg, fruit and eggs
And exercise offers nails and pegs.

While we sleep the Carpenter takes all
And quietly fashions to His call.

If we make wise choices, when we are old
We’ll have a home we’re proud to hold

No need for fixing, or doing repairs
For well-chosen product wears the cares.

One final word, friends. We ask you—urge is more like it—that you keep on doing what we told you to do to please God, not in a dogged religious plod, but in a living, spirited dance. You know the guidelines we laid out for you from the Master Jesus. God wants you to live a pure life. Keep yourselves from sexual promiscuity. Learn to appreciate and give dignity to your body, not abusing it, as is so common among those who know nothing of God (1 Thessalonians 4:1-6, The Message).


God, help us to treat our body like the temple it is (1Corinthians 6:20-MSG).


How are you treating your body? Is God pleased? (tweet this)

Brenda J. Wood

A popular motivational speaker, Brenda, of Barrie, Ontario is known for her common sense wisdom, sense of humour and quirky comments. Brenda especially enjoys speaking at women’s retreats and conferences, community events, Mops, World Day of Prayer, and Stonecroft Ministries.

A prolific author, her current books include:

The Big Red Chair: a children’s book dealing with the loss of a grandparent.
Meeting Myself: Snippets from a Fractured Mind:  the author’s recovery from abuse and eating disorders.
Hearts Under Construction: A motivational cookbook designed to feed both body and soul
Heartfelt: 366 Devotions for Common Sense Living.
God, Gluttony and You: a Bible Study dealing with our relationship to food.
The Pregnant Pause of Grief: the first trimester of widowhood

Read more at:
facebook –

#UTCOP – How to Have a Day Marked by Prayer

How to Have A Day Marked by Prayer

by Stephanie Nickel


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Pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:17 ESV).

As I sat in the evening church service, I recommitted myself to beginning the day with prayer even before I roll out of bed. Then I thought about the prayers that could be inspired by my day-to-day life.

The following prayers can act as springboards throughout the day.

Prayer of Commitment

It could be as simple as saying, “Lord, thank You for the day before me. May I honour and glorify You, and may I bless those I come in contact with.”

Prayer of Protection

As we go about our morning routine, we can pray through the armour of God.

Lord, no matter what the enemy throws at me, may I stand . . . the belt of truth, the breastplate of righteousness, the readiness and firm footing of the gospel of peace, the shield of faith, the helmet of salvation, the sword of the Spirit (Your Word), and prayer all firmly in place. (See Ephesians 6.)

Prayer of Empowerment

Whether we’re students, stay-at-home parents, blue collar workers making minimum wage, or corporate execs, we all face daily challenges. And God is there to help. And we must remember God’s command to do everything as unto Him, which includes schoolwork, housework, and paperwork (1 Corinthians 10:31).

“Dear Lord, may I honour You as I face this day’s joys and challenges. May I accomplish each task to the best of my ability, leaning on You for wisdom, strength, and direction.”

Prayer of Connection

Each individual we come in contact with—in person, on the phone, or online—is someone we can pray for. It may be especially difficult to pray for those people who give us nothing but grief, but it’s important for them—and for us—that we do so.

“Dear Lord, I pray that in all my interactions I will glorify You. And today, Lord, I pray that You will bless each person I come in contact with. If they don’t know You, please draw them to Yourself. And if they do, draw them ever closer. May I be a blessing in each life. May I be a Christlike example.”

Prayer of Thanksgiving

Even after a particularly difficult day, there are many things to be thankful for: God’s provision, family, friends, a home, clothes to wear, food to eat, the abilities He has given us, and so much more. And there will be days that the first thing we thank Him for is that it’s over. Hopefully those days are few and far between.

“Dear God, I have so many reasons to thank You. It’s harder to remember that some days, but help me to do so. Thank You that You are unchanging, that You love me on my good days—and on the days I’d just as soon forget. Lord, even if I blew it today, thank You that tomorrow is a new day, a fresh start. Please bring to mind the things I have to be thankful for, especially when the negativity presses in.”

Prayer of Release

The end of the day is a wonderful time to release our worries, doubts, and fears to Him. Remember “he gives to his beloved sleep” (Psalm 127:2 ESV).

A good night’s rest is a gift from God.

There may be family concerns, problems at work, or health issues to contend with when we awaken, but if we open our hands and hearts and release our cares to the Lord, we can rest assured that He, indeed, cares for us.

“Lord, thank You that Your Word assures us of Your love and care. May I trust You to take care of me and all those I love. Even when things aren’t as I’d like them to be, may I rest in You. May I have confidence that You are working all things together for my good. May I enjoy the sleep You’ve promised to Your beloved. May I wake refreshed, ready to begin again for Your glory. Amen.”


Lord, may each moment of my day be marked by prayer. (tweet this)


Steph Beth Nickel

Headshot 1 Stephanie 2013

Steph Beth is a wife of over 30 years and the mother of three grown children. Steph’s eclectic interests include writing, editing, fitness, photography, and childbirth (she is also a labour doula).
Steph’s was honoured to co-author former Paralympian Deb Willows’ memoir. Living Beyond My Circumstances is available from Amazon and directly from the publisher, Castle Quay Books, among other places. 
Steph edits for Christian Editing Services under the leadership of Karen Burkett. She is a long-time member of The Word Guild and a more recent member of InScribe Christian Writers’ Fellowship.

Steph blogs at Steph’s Electic Interests. Her author website, Steph Beth Nickel, is a work-in-progress.

You can also find her at Steph’s Facebook and Steph’s Twitter.