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Lenten Review 2016

Lenten Review 2016 – Word of God Speak Linkup

This is a Lenten review 2016. For each week this year I used my S.I.M.P.L.E. Bible Study Method to study each verse. Then I painted in my Bible. I am trying to memorize these scriptures too.

Lent One: Read Mark 9:14-29

Memory Verse

Mark 9:23  “‘If you can’?” said Jesus. “Everything is possible for one who believes.”

I Believe – If you can, I can.

I know that I am grateful that I believe, grateful for Jesus.

Lenten Review 2016

Lent Two: Read Mark 10:32-34

Memory Verse

Proverbs 28:1 The wicked flee though no one pursues,
    but the righteous are as bold as a lion.

Jesus Leads the Way – Follow Him

Reading through the passage made me see the word resolute, and determined. Learning from Jesus I need to be bold as well.

Lenten Review 2016

Lent Three: Read Mark 11:27-33

Memory Verse

Colossians 1:17 He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.

Time, how God can expand it.

I learned to submit to His authority and time expands to get done what He needs me to do.

Lenten Review 2016

Lent Four: Read Mark 12:41-44

Memory Verse

Mark 12:44  “They all gave out of their wealth; but she, out of her poverty, put in everything—all she had to live on.”

Put in Everything

To give without expecting to get anything back.

Lenten Review 2016

Read Mark 14:3-9

Memory Verse

Mark 14:9 “Truly I tell you, wherever the gospel is preached throughout the world, what she has done will also be told, in memory of her.”

Alabaster Jar – Giving it All to Jesus

I know I will worship Jesus by studying, praising and proclaiming His Word.

Lenten Review 2016Read Mark 14:66-72

Memory Verse

Mark 14:72 Immediately the rooster crowed the second time. Then Peter remembered the word Jesus had spoken to him: “Before the rooster crows twice you will disown me three times.” And he broke down and wept.

Peter’s Lesson

A look at how fear can cripple us. We need to be as bold as lions, not afraid. Or at least if we are afraid not to stop – but move forward with God at our side.
Lenten Review 2016

A look at 6 scriptures in pictures for Lent 2016 (click here to tweet this)

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Living-Life-CoverWeb5 Ways God Changed Me

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Bible painting – Lesson 2 – Can you do this? Yes you can.

Bible painting – Lesson 2 – Can you do this? Yes you can. Word of God Speak Linkup

Do you want to learn how to do Bible painting? Some people call this Bible Journaling. I hope today to show you it is not as intimidating as it sounds. Stick with me and I will try to show you why.

I love to do Bible painting. (tweet this)

We will continue to review the scriptures we have studied. Last week I found the review helpful. I hope you did too.

Bible painting - memorizing scripture

When I have a word, thought or picture to go with a scripture I am more likely to remember it. (tweet this)

I am trying to type the words in this blog rather than cut and paste. I find cutting and pasting does not help me to learn the scripture.

And of course painting – this helps solidify where in the Bible the scripture comes and as I paint I repeat the words. The pictures are in my mind.

This week we will look at my Bible painting for three scriptures (you can click on the links to find my thoughts and study for each scripture:

Romans 15:13 – How can we find peace this Christmas?

Bible painting Romans 15:13

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

My life application:

I see a revival, a passion for hope, love, joy and peace in this world.

Nothing can stop God from moving in His people – NO THING.


Luke 11:28  Word of God Speak (my first one)

Blessed rather are those who hear the Word of God and obey it.

Bible painting - Hebrews 11:28


My life application:

So OBEY has been the word I heard clearly today.

Hebrews 4:12 – Word of God Speak – Cut to the Quick

For the Word of God is living and active, sharper than any double-edged sword it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.

Bible painting Hebrews 4:12

My life application:

I think what I am learning is that the Holy Spirit makes God’s Word come alive. Any passage will help me with instruction or correction. And God will ensure that he leads me to the passage I need to study for that day.

Tips for being able to do Bible painting.

  1. Outline first in pencil.
  2. Then use micron pens. I use number 01.Bible painting
  3. Use watercolour pencils to colour in where you want colour.
  4.  Here is a quick post that explains a watercolour pencil technique.
  5. Use water after you have finished with the watercolour pencils. A tiny bit goes a long way.

I would love to see your results. The whole idea is to learn scripture. I purchased Bibles from the thrift store when I started, before I purchased my journaling Bible. They work well. I also keep forgetting to add the date to the page when I paint.

Have you tried this before? What were your thoughts? Did you find any problems? Do you have questions? I would love to hear from you.

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How to use a plastic bag to create a print

How to use a plastic bag to create a print

Today I used a plastic bag to make prints and create an underwater scene in watercolour. I have called this Plastic Bag Printmaking.

I loved the printing process when I used the styrofoam print to make a picture. This time I had read about using a plastic bag. – Please check out Alisa Burke Redefine Creativity. So I said, “Why not?”.

At one point I tried to use waxed paper but this did not work as well. I only used grocery plastic bags. You could also use the baggies (Ziploc idea), as Alisa did.

plastic bag Printmaking

I learned a few things while doing this Plastic Bag Printmaking:

  1. Don’t use too much water unless you want a smeared look (and that may be what you want).
  2. Wait a few moments before putting the paper over the wet paint.
  3. Press down when you want the print to look like what you put on the plastic.
  4. Rub back and forth when you want to smear the paint around.


  • Brushes
  • Watercolour paints
  • Water
  • Plastic bag, opened and cut
  • watercolour paper


Open the plastic bag. On the plastic put the paint – in shapes, blobs, lines. You can use one colour at a time; or you can mix them right on the plastic.

plastic bag Printmaking

Place a piece of watercolour paper over the paint. Press down or rub depending on what type of effect you want. The picture below shows what happens when I rubbed back and forth and the paint was very wet, too. You get a smear of colours.

plastic bag Printmaking

Repeat as often as you want around your page.

If you want a design as well, get a clean sheet of plastic. I drew on the plastic with pencil, then marked the design I wanted (the sea turtle). Then I traced over the lines in paint. A thinner brush would have given a finer detailed turtle.

plastic bag Printmaking

The picture below shows both the printed sea turtle design as well as the leaves with drier paint on the plastic, and pressing down and not rubbing.

plastic bag Printmaking


plastic bag Printmaking

Finish the picture. I loved how this worked.

Try plastic bag printmaking and tell me how it turned out.

plastic bag Printmaking - Sea Turtle by Janis Cox


Please check out more about my book Tadeo Turtle on Tadeo’s Page. You will find more activities at the back of my book. And a 24-page extension activities is available if you ask.

Tadeo Turtle by Janis Cox

For more craft ideas from He Cares for Us go to Crafts for Kids.


Scripture and a Picture – How we learn that the Word of God Stands forever

Scripture and a Picture – How we learn that the Word of God Stands forever

Continuing on from my study of Isaiah 40:8 on Word of God Speak, today I would like to encourage you to continue to memorize this Scripture.

The grass withers and the flowers fall (fade), but the Word of God stands forever.

I have been encouraging you to learn Scripture through repetition and through art. This week I have tried to paint in two different Bibles. Here are the results.

Isaiah-40-8-1web Isaiah-40-8web

Please join us at our Facebook Group called Word of God Speak Community where we continue to share our successes, ideas and thoughts about the Scripture for the week.

As I studied this verse I thought about the weaknesses of man – how sin has made the world not the way God intended it. Our flesh is weak. We cannot save ourselves. And our friends can’t save us. Beauty fades, We die.

So we look to the Light – a portal to the unseen. A Hope beyond this life. This is God’s promise to us.

That’s what the Word of God can do for us, that flesh cannot. The Word of God leads us to Jesus who has bridged the gap to allow us to live with God forever.  Eternal.

The words from the song I linked on Sunday from I will Not be Shaken by Vineyard:

When the nations crumble
The word of the Lord will stay
Kings may rise and fall
His love will endure
Though the strong may stumble
The joy of the Lord is strength

To my soul
I will not be shaken
I will not be moved
I will not be shaken

Then I read chapter 19 of AW Tozer, The Knowledge of the Holy, entitled The Grace of God. Here is part of his opening prayer:

We are astonished and marvel one so holy and dread should invite us into Thy banqueting house and cause love to be the banner over us.

Here is His Banner over me is Love by Hillsong.

Here is a picture to colour. You can download it colouring page Isaiah 40-8

or Isaiah 40-8 colouring page



We cannot save ourselves. We die. So we look to the Light – a portal to the unseen. A Hope beyond this life. (click to tweet)




Scripture and a Picture – How to remember Remembrance Day

Scripture and a Picture – How to remember Remembrance Day


What a busy week! Lots of new interesting things on the go.

This week I started a new group called Word of God Speak Facebook Group to go with my postings on the weekend. We will be learning God’s Word through many different methods. We go deeply into a verse, its context, meaning and listen to God speak. Then we learn the verse. One way to commit a verse to memory is to paint it.

This week our verse of the week is Hebrews 4:12

Trying it from memory:

For the Word of God is living and active. Sharper than a any double-edged sword it penetrates into even to dividing the soul and spirit, the joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.

As you can see I made a few errors. I will work on those this week.

I looked up pictures of double-edged swords. They can cut in either direction. That’s sharp. When I think of soul, spirit, joints and marrow – that’s all of me. We see that God judges us – right to the core of our being. God is all-knowing and all-seeing so He can do that – go right into the depth of our being.

This time I did a very simple picture of a double-edged sword.

But because it is Remembrance Day on November 11, I wanted to find God’s Word about Remembrance Day. I found John 15:13:

Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.

I have a tutorial based on Remembrance Day (Veterans’ Day for those in the US). Please click on the link to see the video.  This is not part of our memory work for this week – but is always worth remembering.

The Poppy

Between the crosses it stands
A symbol of life
Laid down for friends and family.
by Janis Cox 2015

My first picture looked like this:

poppy John 15-13

Then someone suggested that I might try a little lighter so the words don’t get covered.

Here is my next try:


I love Romans 5:7-8

Very rarely will anyone die for a righteous person, though for a good person someone might possibly dare to die. But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.


Lord thank You for inspiring us to learn your word through art. As we read your word this week let it penetrate to our soul, spirit, joints and marrow. Keep our eyes fixed on you Who has saved us. You are truly amazing!. In Jesus’ name Amen.

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We see that God judges us – right to the core of our being. (click to tweet)

Creative Tuesdays – Black Cat – A good omen or bad, or nothing?

Creative Tuesdays – Black Cat – A good omen or bad, or nothing

Today is Creative Tuesdays with Michael. Our prompt was BLACK CAT.

The was my first try. It was supposed to look scary or sad – not sure which.


Here is the next one:

watercolour black cat Janis Cox

This  time I took longer, did more layers to make the dark. Reds, blues, yellows and indigo.

When the prompt from Creative Tuesdays came in, Black Cat. I thought oh no – Halloween. Black Cats, spooky ghosts, witches and goblins.

But I am not going to talk about Halloween. Instead I am going to look at superstitions. Black cats, broken mirrors and even dropped gloves can lead some people to say, Oh no – that’s a bad omen. Or sometimes oh yes that’s a good omen. Go figure that one.

How can something that doesn’t pertain to anything else
affect something else? That makes no sense.

We are taught in God’s Word not to believe in omens or witchcraft. Well at least we are not to follow such notions.

And this became known to all the residents of Ephesus, both Jews and Greeks. And fear fell upon them all, and the name of the Lord Jesus was extolled. Also many of those who were now believers came, confessing and divulging their practices. And a number of those who had practiced magic arts brought their books together and burned them in the sight of all. And they counted the value of them and found it came to fifty thousand pieces of silver (Acts 19:17-19, ESV).

And luck, what about that? We say “good luck” or “bad luck”. But from whose point of view? Sometimes things can be good for someone and bad for someone else. Even rain falling on a farmer’s field can be good sometimes and bad other times.

But we don’t need to say it was luck,
if we believe in the sovereign will of God who controls all things. (tweet this)

I don’t believe in luck. I believe we are here for a purpose and each day I learn more and more about what that is. I also grow closer to God as I struggle with understanding Him and His ways.

Today as I think of black cats, I know there is evil in this world – sometimes black cats are defined as bad omens because of the blackness – dark being evil. Evil is real. But a black cat isn’t.

We are NOT to fear anyway because we are protected by God.

The next time a black cat crosses your path, or you break a mirror, or you walk under a ladder – ask yourself does a superstition make sense or not? Then trust Jesus for everything.


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Janis is the author of the award winning children’s book, Tadeo Turtle, published by Word Alive Press. Available in Kindle Format, in bookstores, online and from her website. Curriculum available upon request. Janis also is a contributor to Hope Stream Radio. Join her on Tuesdays and Saturdays.


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Tadeo Turtle available through this website by clicking on the link below. $13.00 plus shipping to continental US and Canada only.

Creative Tuesdays – What Does a Stamp tell us?

Creative Tuesdays – What Does a Stamp tell us?


Our prompt from Creative Tuesdays this week is “Stamps”. I thought a lot about stamps this past week.

I realize they can say much about our civilization. What goes on a stamp? Almost anything. But here are some notable ones: kings, queens, heads of state, important events, important figures, historical figures, causes, art. Each country has different stamps. I used to collect stamps as a kid. But you know I never really knew what they stood for or why I collected them. No one explained the meaning behind them or the countries they represented.

We collect stamps at our church. They go to the Canadian Bible Society.


  • The revenue generated from the stamps allow CBS to purchase Bibles for Canadian prison ministry.
  • 10 lbs of stamps = approx 5 Bibles for distribution


Today I thought I would look at the world over the past 2000 years. One thing has remained the same: the poor are still with us just as Jesus said they would be.

Jesus said: “The poor you will always have with you, but you will not always have me (Matthew 26:11, NIV).”

We know that to live we need at least these four basics:

Food, Shelter, Clothing and Transportation

In our small town our food bank looks after those who are in need for nourishment,  clothing, health, and fuel for winter months.  Transportation in our town necessitates a vehicle or a friend with a vehicle. The county has tried different methods to alleviate the problem, but our wide area hampers this. Our town is definitely short of affordable housing. We are working on that too.

What is HASP?

In 2014 God put a burden on my husband’s heart for single parents in our town. He wanted to do more than send them to the foodbank. He wanted to help them get out of their cycle of poverty. In 2014 HASP, Haliburton Assistance for Single Parents, became a charity. HASP aims to help single parents continue past high school in order to increase their chances of getting a good job.

Our aim is to break the cycle of poverty whereby single parents, at a very young age, simply accept a life of living on social assistance programs or low paying jobs. We want to improve their economic status by enhancing their marketable skills through educational opportunities. We want to remove the obstacles that keep someone out of the classroom.

If you are interested in helping us with this charity or if you want information of how to start your own charity for single parents, please email HASP. Check out our website – HASP – Haliburton Assistance for Single Parents.

My artwork for the stamps comes from my thinking of the past 2000 years. If a stamp had been printed in Jerusalem would it look like this one?


And if we were to look at our world today and made a stamp for The World would it look like this one?


That’s my thoughts for this week.

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Janis is the author of the award winning children’s book, Tadeo Turtle, published by Word Alive Press. Available in Kindle Format, in bookstores, online and from her website. Curriculum available upon request. Janis also is a contributor to Hope Stream Radio. Join her on Tuesdays and Saturdays.


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Creative Tuesdays – The Greatest Gift

Creative Tuesdays – The Greatest Gift


The prompt this Tuesday was Gift. Check out all the other posts at Creative Tuesdays.

This watercolour was painted in analogous colours. Those are the colours on the colour wheel close to each other. I chose green as my main colour because to me green = life. And blue represents the sky and water, and our lives are tied to both.

About gifts:

I am not a “gift giver” or a “gift receiver”. Things don’t bless me. I guess it all started when Christmas got out of hand (we cut back on that), and when I had joined a sorority that expected secret sisters to buy gifts for each other. That got out of hand too. How much stuff can we get?

As a public school teacher we had a hard time at Christmas and the end of the year with gifting. It made it hard for poorer families to keep up with the other families. My collection of mugs could start a store (but I have since given them to our thrift store). The best gift I ever received over the years was a letter from a family explaining that they had helped a child in another country have a needed operation in my name. Now that gift brought tears to my eyes. Such a blessing to know that they thought of me as the recipient of that gift.

Now just because I am not one who doesn’t like gift giving doesn’t mean others don’t. In Gary Chapman’s book, The Five Love Languages, receiving gifts is one of the love languages. An excellent book of how to relate to others, particularly our spouses.

But for me – that is not one of my love languages.

However, there is one gift that I will cherish forever and it comes from Romans 6:23 (NIV).

The gift of God is eternal life in Jesus Christ our Lord.

That is the real gift that changed me and my life forever.

To know that I can live forever with God is the greatest gift of all.

Linking to Creative Tuesdays.


The best gift of all is eternal life in Jesus. (tweet this)


Janis is the author of the award winning children’s book, Tadeo Turtle, published by Word Alive Press. Available in Kindle Format, in bookstores, online and from her website. Curriculum available upon request. Janis also is a contributor to Hope Stream Radio. Join her on Tuesdays and Saturdays.


You can find her on Facebook, and Twitter. Tadeo has his own Facebook Page.





Creative Tuesdays – What did I dream?

Creative Tuesdays – What did I dream?


The first one is the one I painted last night. I tried to make this lion look like Satan. I tried to make him scary, and roaring like the Scriptures. And also on the prowl.

Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour (1 Peter 5:8, NIV).



The second one I painted a few years ago and have used it as the banner on my blog for quite a while. This is from Revelations – That this is the Lion of Judah. He is the powerful strong calm judge of God.

And the Lion of Judah has won the battle.

Then one of the elders said to me, “Do not weep! See, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has triumphed. He is able to open the scroll and its seven seals (Revelation 5:5, NIV).”

Our topic at Creative Tuesdays this week is “dreams”. I have been thinking about this since Michael put up the prompt, but I didn’t have time to paint until tonight (Monday before the Tuesday deadline) and I am travelling. So I brought my paints and did the best I could.


I don’t recall my dreams very often. About a year ago I had this vivid dream and had to write it down, study it and pray about it.

I was in a gymnasium with my kids. I knew that something was wrong because of the loud noises in the halls. We climbed up to the top bleachers and waited. We didn’t know where my husband was. Then I saw him come through the door, glance up at us, wave and head for the nearest set of bleachers to him.

At that moment through the door came the most ferocious lion. He snarled, and glanced around the room but did not look up to the bleachers. I started to pray – I called all the protection I could around my family, my husband and myself.

From another door entered another lion – a very powerful strong calm lion. He glanced up at us in the bleachers for a second and then turned toward the other lion. Then began the fight – a vicious battle with snarling and snapping, claws flying.

And I woke up.

So there you have it – my dream. I did much study on the symbolism of the two lions. Now I believe Satan was the first lion – on the prowl, looking for us. But I believe we were protected and hidden from view. The second lion was the Lion of Judah – Jesus, our Saviour.

We are told in Samuel – that the battle is the Lord’s. We are told that He has over come Satan and won the battle.

All those gathered here will know that it is not by sword or spear that the Lord saves; for the battle is the Lord’s, and he will give all of you into our hands.” (1 Samuel 17:47, NIV)

But we are also told to put on protection.

From 1 Thessalonians 5:8  and Ephesians 6:14-16 we learn the armour we must wear.

A breastplate of faith and love
A helmet of salvation
A belt of truth around our waists
Our feet in readiness
Carrying a shield of faith.


Read about my vivid dream of The LIon of Judah battling Satan. (tweet this)



Janis is the author of the award winning children’s book, Tadeo Turtle, published by Word Alive Press. Available in Kindle Format, in bookstores, online and from her website. Curriculum available upon request. Janis also is a contributor to Hope Stream Radio. Join her on Tuesdays and Saturdays.


You can find her on Facebook, and Twitter. Tadeo has his own Facebook Page.





Creative Tuesdays – PICNIC

Creative Tuesdays – PICNIC

Watercolour - Janis Cox 2015

Watercolour – Janis Cox 2015

My prompt from Creative Tuesdays this time is “picnic”. We had such a wonderful time at our Sizzlin’ Summer Service 8 in our park in Haliburton on Sunday that I had to paint it. We didn’t actually have a big picnic basket but we did have a small cooler for our two grandchildren. And grandma and grandpa didn’t sit in this position. Grandpa and daddy sat up on the hill in their blue chairs. My daughter and our two little ones sat on a blanket with the snacks. But they did munch their way through the music, the prayers, and the message.

There were over 300 people attending a joint church service put on by our ministerial. Great message about unity and how to be disciples of love to everyone.

The service is always a reminder of what all Christians should be thinking about and acting – unity and love. Read from The Message below:

Let the peace of Christ keep you in tune with each other, in step with each other. None of this going off and doing your own thing. And cultivate thankfulness. Let the Word of Christ—the Message—have the run of the house. Give it plenty of room in your lives. Instruct and direct one another using good common sense. And sing, sing your hearts out to God! Let every detail in your lives—words, actions, whatever—be done in the name of the Master, Jesus, thanking God the Father every step of the way (Colossians 3:16-17, The Message, my bolding emphasis).

We sang tremendous songs – They know We are Christians by Our Love, The Twenty-Third Psalm, It is Well with My soul, Shine Jesus Shine.

And a wonderful song by Rend Collective:

My Lighthouse

And of course Robin Mark – Fly CCLI Song #6098290:

Fly – new song by Robin Mark

And a new one for us by Graham Kendrick CCLI Song #738261:

Heaven is in My Heart

I hope you enjoy a listen to these wonderful worship songs. I am still singing them from Sunday!! Oh Oh ..Do you like these?


Having a picnic together as we worship the Lord together. (click to tweet)

Don’t forget to drop over to see other artistic versions of the word “picnic”.