Sunday Stillness – Leisurely Pace

Sunday Stillness – Leisurely Pace Last week, as I took on a grandma roll, I learned to stop striving but live in the moment of pure enjoyment. I had read Jesus Calling before my granddaughter arrived and I prepared myself to live at a “leisurely pace”. Listening to God as I spent time with my… Continue reading Sunday Stillness – Leisurely Pace

What Do You Say? – Thank you.

What Do You Say? – Thank you. by Janis Cox Last weekend we held a community garage sale. My granddaughter who is 6 was visiting us. She wanted to sell lemonade and her copies of her “books”. We set up the lemonade stand and book table beside Grandma’s. She had a wonderful time, sold some… Continue reading What Do You Say? – Thank you.


How Forgetful Am I? by Janis Cox Here it is Friday morning and as I check Under the Cover of Prayer – I see that I forgot to post something for today. Oops. That’s what comes from having a zillion things going on in my mind. I read Jesus Calling this morning and Sarah Young… Continue reading HOW FORGETFUL AM I?


How Can I Hear You, God? by Janis Cox “Whoever has my commands and obeys them, he is the one who loves me. And he who loves me the Father will love and I too will love and show myself to him” (John 14:21, NIV). Emphasis is mine. How can I hear from God? This… Continue reading HOW CAN I HEAR YOU, GOD?