How Can We Make a Visit Turn into More than That?

Visit: Five Minute Friday

Each week I try to join Five Minute Friday to write for 5 minutes without editing. I have been unable to do this for the past few weeks and I missed it. So today’s word is visit because Five Minute Friday is moving to a self-hosted site

Today’s post is still at Kate Mortuang’s if you want to join us.


My first thought went to the shepherds and the Magi who visited baby Jesus.

Then I paused and thought:

What did the shepherds and the Magi do after the visit? (tweet this)


I think that’s a very important question.

They left and TOLD others. That’s what they did.

Then I thought of my writing and my Christian friends who write. I thought of the reading I do when I visit other posts. Do I just visit and leave? Should I be doing more?

I think we need to visit and then go beyond the visit
in order to spread The Good News. (tweet this)

What can we do?

  • Visit:
  • Like: if we can
  • Comment: This boosts the author’s esteem, make the author want to write more, makes us think more about what was written.
  • Share: Sharing is telling the world that what we read is important. Share on social media. Link to that blog post in one of your posts. Talk about it in your email updates.

We need to be intentional in spreading the Word of God.

We need to make the choice to take the time and spread His Word that others write. I know It’s one more thing on your list – but I think that is what we need to do.

The shepherds and Magi did it – can we?

Recently I joined an experiment on A group of writers are looking to help one another to read each others’ posts, like them with a heart, and comment. In this way we hope to boost our readership on Medium, on our blogs and on our email lists.

I would love for you to join me there: If you scroll down through my posts you will see that the experiment is working. When I was going solo I got 2 likes – now I have over 13 per post.

  1. Like it by clicking the heart on the left.
  2. Comment at the bottom with the little caption icon.
  3. Share it on your social media.
  4. Highlight the parts you like.

And for Five Minute Friday I will make a more concentrated effort to visit more than 1 or 2 posts. I think I will set aside 30 minutes on Fridays to visit whether I have posted or not. This way I can visit and share.

We will all then get to know each other better but also help spread The Good News just like the shepherds and the Magi.

Will you join me?

Time’s up for this week’s Five Minute Friday.

Join others at Five Minute Friday.


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What is Truth? Five Minute Fridays

This is quite a question. I am writing for Five Minute Friday today and the prompt is TRUTH.

I think I will focus on the truth about food nutrition for today.


I think it’s amazing that we find out years after the “truth” was told to us by nutritionists that – oh sorry that’s not true.

Let’s look at FAT. Back in the 60s we ate butter, we had meat, vegetables and fruit. All of sudden butter got a bad name and fat was labelled bad. Margarine was the new “good”. And all the cook books came out at “Low Fat”. Who knew that the makers of margarine could have such pull? Who knew that the corn producers would have such pull – corn oil, corn syrup?

My goodness. My hubby went on this low fat diet – but what we substituted for fat was products with sugar and their derivatives. Low fat salad dressings – sugar. Margarine instead of butter which had transfats. His cholesterol went up. He couldn’t lose weight.

Then the TRUTH came out. Fats are necessary and good for you and sugar is bad. (Tweet this)

We looked into the Paleo diet. We started to eat more vegetables, more fats, and meats. We limited the carbs. And what happened. He lost 45 pounds. And it has stayed off. We feel better. We have more energy.

That Canada Food guide pyramid is built wrong. What is the truth?

We need to eat heavy on the vegetables, some fruits, some meat, and fats. If you eat grains eat them in moderation.

A great movie is called FED UP. Check it out.

That’s some of the truth about food. I am not an expert but you can find out more with the links.

Corn – The Shocking Truth – Maybe?

Corn? The truth about corn isn’t so much about how much corn we consume, but about how much corn is consuming us.

And we were told eggs were bad. We were told coconut oil was bad. Big business – money, got involved with the truth.

Check out: The Coconut Oil Conspiracy.

Time’s up for this week’s Five Minute Friday.

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Podcasts and Posts

My month has flown by since we came home from Arizona. Although I haven’t been writing blog posts much on this blog I have been making podcasts and blogging for Hope Stream Radio and also for A Beautiful Life Ministry. I hope you can take a minute and listen or read my thoughts.

Here are the most recent podcasts with blog posts from Hope Stream Radio.


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And here are two of my posts from A Beautiful Ministry.


5 Ways to Make Prayer Come Alive

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Potted Plant – Scribble Picnic

Our prompt from #ScribblePicnic this week is Potted Plant. I had been given a lovely lily plant by the people who stayed in our home over the winter. I had taken its picture. Alas, the lily is no longer with us. It bloomed beautifully – then nothing. So into the garbage it went. So sad.

I don’t have any potted plants in our home because we leave it for 6 months of the year and turn the heat way down.

Our friends also surprised us with a bouquet of tulips – what a breath of fresh spring air.


We have been experiencing a very cold wet spring. This morning there was snow on the porch. Yikes. And I dress up like Nanuk from the north when we take Snowball around the block. She doesn’t seem bothered with the cold at all. And she is used to Arizona warm weather.

potted plant


It is so lovely to be able to bring spring indoors. Do you have lots of potted plants? In Arizona we have a beautiful back patio where I have a number of potted plants (now gone into the garbage too – so sad).

On to the picture.

I decided to try to paint the Easter Lily Plant as my potted plant.

I used my artist diary today which is only medium weight (whatever that is). I used my micron pen and then my Design Watercolor pencils (and for my Canadian readers that’s the way the company spells colour). I used these colours:

I sketched out the flower. Then used the micron and the pencil crayons.

In order too help the white lily stand out I used indigo for the background.


Then I used water to make the colour flow. Final result: Potted Plant – an Easter Lily.

Now my next job is to plant all my outdoor potted plant (s). But we are waiting and waiting for this cold snap to stop. My vegetable garden and my front gardens are standing ready to be planted too.

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power of prayer


Do we play more than we pray?

If there is power in prayer – why are we not down on our knees more often? Why do we not prioritize it?

Looking back on a blog from 2011. Yes 6 years ago. I edited it a bit but this could impact your life this morning. I pray it is so.

“Our prayers may be awkward. Our attempts may be feeble. But since the power of prayer is in the one who hears it and not in the one who says it, our prayers do make a difference.” – Max Lucado

Do we play more than we pray? There is power in prayer.

And if there is power in prayer – why are we not down on our knees more often? Why do we not prioritize it?

This has reemphasized my need for constant prayer.

Jesus says, “My house will be called a house of prayer” (Mark 11:15-17).

Take a look at our churches:

Are we putting prayer as the focus of our services? Or do we put the sermon, the Scriptures and the music?

Why do most churches get a good turnout to a concert (sometimes with a fee), than a prayer meeting?

How many of your congregants actually come to prayer meetings?

Take a look at ourselves:

We no longer have the physical Tabernacle with the Holy of Holies but we have Jesus inside us. Therefore the house of Jesus is inside us.

Let’s think about our lives and how we do God’s work. In what spirit do we do our work – our job, our relationships, our family, our marriage, our kids, our friends, our neighbours? Are we in sync with the purpose of God’s house? Are we prayerful?

Is what I am doing for the glory of God or for myself? Am I saying and even thinking the things He wants me to think and say? Am I prayerful?

I know when we pray God intervenes because God hears our prayers.

Today we are seeing more marital problems, child rearing problems and strife in the workplace and we know that it is essential that we pray for God to intervene in all these areas. His power and grace are needed – now more that ever before.

There is power in prayer.

If we join together and pray; if we come to the throne of grace and petition for all parts of our lives – what power can be unleashed by our Father in heaven? Scripture says:

“ye have not, because ye ask not” (James 4:2 KJV).

Then let’s ask. Let’s be bold and see how God works in and through us. Let’s be prayerful. (tweet this)

Let’s ask for ourselves, for others and for our world.

My Gratitude List:

84. Great day visiting grandkids
85. Beautiful sunny warm day
86. My daughter preparing a yummy lunch
87. God blessing my writing
88. Daffodils poking through the soil
89. A new camera to try (lots of instructions)
90. All this energy of Christ that so powerfully works in me

Other posts on the power of prayer:


Oh Lord, I pray that we can learn to pray for all things at all times. I pray that you will teach us the power of prayer. Help us to look to you for all our lives. In Jesus’ name. AMEN.


Door – Scribble Picnic

The prompt this week is door for #ScribblePicnic. I hadn’t picked up a paint brush and my watercolour for a long time. Not since I finished the last picture for I Remember – The Seasons. It was good to get back into it. I enjoyed the process again.

Now I should be ready to start on our next book in the series. I needed this boost.

Interestingly enough while my sister-in-law visited us in Arizona she showed us pictures of her travels to Europe. She is fascinated with doors and door knobs. She has sent me some of the pictures. This one is from Tier, Germany and she is sure it is a door to a church.

I noticed many doors in Germany were arched like this one.

Here is the original picture.door

Here is my process. I started using wet on wet and this photo below was still wet when I took the picture.





Trying to be true to the photo I darkened the door – but I think I like the one above before I darkened it. Too bad – can’t get it back. But I might try lightening it if I can – highlights always help. What do you think?


This exercise reminds me of a door we entered in Rome. We climbed up the back steps – it looked as if it might be a church but there was nothing outstanding – very white, no adornments. We walked in – and my goodness – it was stunning. The ceilings were very high, painted and the colour in the room was beautiful.

So we never know what is behind a door. (tweet this)

And we can think about that with people. Do we really know who they are? Is their door open or shut? Sometimes when we say, “Hi, how are you doing?” do we mean it? Have you really taken the time lately to ask someone how they really are?

I do hope everyone has someone to open up to.

Can you let your door open to another person? (Tweet this)

I am willing to listen. You can email me anytime. Email Janis.

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