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10 Tips to Life and Peace

10 Tips to Life and Peace

How do we find life and peace? I have been reading a devotional every morning from UCB Canada written by Bob and Debby Gass. Today’s thoughts were great and have been setting the tone for my sabbatical this summer and I felt a need to share them.

Life and peace

  1. Have a true faith: On Sunday the sermon was all about faith, taking words from Hebrews 11. Faith is more than belief. Faith is built on a firm foundation and in things we can’t see.
  2. Be with others of our faith: Stir each other on.
  3. Watch your thoughts: Remember the “whatevers” as they mean a lot. See Philippians 4:8.
  4. Be thankful: As you go to sleep and when you wake up – don’t forget to thank God. My favourite book about this is Ann Voskamps’ One Thousand Gifts.
  5. Watch out for the world: What is keeping you away from God?  What books do you read? TV? Media? What fills your thoughts and mind? Maybe you need to take a sabbatical from all things that turn your mind away from God.
  6. Be merciful: Remember God is merciful to us. Don’t harden your hearts against anyone.
  7. Don’t judge: That means everyone who doesn’t believe but we are called to judge our brothers, those of our faith who are straying away from the truth – Read 1 Corinthians 5. But the rest of the folks – only God is to judge them. What business is it of mine to judge those outside the church? Are you not to judge those inside?  God will judge those outside.”
  8. Forgive: To me this is the top one for peace. God forgives us and calls on us to forgive others. You don’t have to like the person but you do have to forgive them. If you have problems, ask God for help.
  9. Love your enemies: Do you have people you disagree with? Pray for them. Love them. You don’t have to agree with them to love them. And don’t forget to pray for those in authority.
  10. Tell others the truth about the Gospel: This is something we all need to do more. Speak your faith story. Be specific. What is God doing in your life? Tell others about the saving grace of Jesus.

I am grateful to have read this today. I am keeping a copy of it for myself. Feel free to save the photo and post it on your bulletin board or share anywhere.

life and peace

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Who is Fanny J. Crosby?

Fanny J. Crosby – Week7Blog Holiday

I guess you could say I haven’t been on a blogging holiday – because I just have to put up Word of God Speak every week. Thanks to the wonderful bloggers who link faithfully. This week I found a fascinating woman named Fanny J. Crosby.

Fanny J. Crosby

A pastor friend lent me a book called 101 More Hymn Stories.

From 1870 until she died Fanny wrote over 8000 hymns. When I read that I was astounded. I was searching for “Blessed Assurance” and found that Fanny wrote that. But as I read I found a great story about a hymn called “Saved by Grace”. I had never heard of that one. Both Ira D. Sankey and Dwight Li. Moody used this song in their services almost every week. It is all about being saved by grace.

The chorus says:

And I shall see Him face to face, And tell the story – Saved by grace,
And I shall see Him face to face, And tell the story – Saved by grace,

The story goes that Fanny wrote it, sent it to her publisher, was paid the regular $2 and then nothing was done for three years. One day at a conference she was asked to speak and she used the words of this song. It made an impact but Fanny decided just to use it when she was asked to speak. Not knowing of her decision a reporter had taken the words in shorthand and published them in a periodical. It was put to music and the song spread.

A tribute to Fanny J. Crosby:

There was probably no writer in her day who appealed more to the valued experiences of the Christian life or who expressed, more sympathetically, the deep longings of the heart than did Fanny Crosby. ~ George Stebbins, 1924


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Thrim Week6 Blog Holiday

Thrim Week6 Blog Holiday

I would recommend that if you are having a book launch don’t have one in June. The summer is not the time to be marketing a new book. However saying that I am going to put up a few memes about The Kingdom of Thrim that I hope you consider sharing.

I had a couple of interviews last week. Please check them out on my Interview Page.

Thrim Thrim Thrim Thrim

While on this blogging holiday I have been learning much from Oswald Chambers and a study by Kay Arthur called Lord, Only You Can Change Me. I hope to write some of my thoughts on what God is teaching me when I return in September.

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July Tweets Week5Blog Holiday

July Tweets Week5Blog Holiday

Here are a few July Tweets.

You can follow me at @AuthorJanisCox. Here is a little food for thought. I love reading and studying Oswald Chambers every morning. Feel free to retweet any of the following.

The Kingdom of Thrim by Janis Cox

Get your copy for your children ages 5 and up of my new children’s book, The Kingdom of Thrim. You can find out more at my bookstore.

Here are a few reviews:

Jeff Goins

“I needed this book. If you feel like you’ve lost your gift or wandered too far from home and aren’t sure if you can find your way back, you need it too.” Jeff Goins, best selling author of The Art of Work


The “Kingdom of Thrim” is fantastic! It is a wonderful children’s book, that I am sure adults will enjoy. It has a powerful message of following God’s purpose for your life. The language is simple, engaging and captivating. The pictures are wonderfully done and help to bring the book to life. I can’t wait for more books like this!

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Summer Reading – Week4 Blog Holiday

Summer Reading – Week4 Blog Holiday

Taking time to read good fiction books. I love summer reading.

At Write!Canada I picked up a few books. Didn’t know what they were going to be like. I was pleasantly surprised.

Julianna by Mary Bentley-Lloydsummer reading


A well-written story of history and romance set in the days of arranged marriages. I couldn’t put the book down and I read at night – so needless to say later night than normal. I got caught up in the action, the faith and the characters. Social issues also dominate the story. A great read.

In Search of Truth by T.L. Wiens

summer reading

What a delight to find this book at Write!Canada. I know the author, a former poster from Under the Cover of Prayer. I couldn’t put this book down either. I finished it tonight as I sat outside in our new gazebo. A tale of a young girl driven to living on the streets through misconception and misunderstanding. I love the way she fights back to regain her love of God and her self-worth. Very interesting study in how the church can empower people rather than glorify God. A tale of truth. Loved it. You can find out more on her website. In Search of Truth.

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egg carton Tadeo Turtle

In 2001, Janis gave her life to Christ. She started journaling as a way to organize her thoughts, feelings, and prayers. She is a member of two cross-Canadian Christian writers’ groups, The Word Guild and Inscribe Christian Writers Fellowship.

In 2012 she published an award-winning children’s book, Tadeo TurtleHer new book, The Kingdom of Thrim, was published in June 2016.

She podcasts on Hope Stream Radio, an Internet radio station. Her talk Growing Through God’s Word can be heard each Tuesday.

Janis loves to tell others about what God has done and is doing in her life.

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Teamwork – Week3Blog Holiday

Teamwork – Week3Blog Holiday

It’s all about teamwork. That’s what I learned this year at VBS. For the first time I worked with others and felt the spirit of teamwork. Other years I had help but I had to oversee everything. This year we worked together and I let the spirit lead me in everything I did. It felt marvellous.

Three things I learned:

1. Prayer:

Every morning during camp, God woke me at 5 or 5:30 (a little earlier than normal) to have time to spend with Him. Every morning our team prayed together before camp. This is teamwork with God and others.



2. We sang:

Our songs helped me as well as the children remember to have faith in Jesus.

Choose Jesus, John 3:16, I’m Keeping my Eyes on Jesus, My God is so big, (and others as well). I am still singing those songs.

3. Change is okay:

Even though I had a “plan”, I was able to change it as the needs changed. It felt great to follow the Holy Spirit.

What a great week!


What I learned from running a VBS. Teamwork. (tweet this)

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