Define: Five Minute Fridays

Prompt for this week – DEFINE. 5 minutes to write. Go. On hearing the word “define” I thought about how I am so different than I was 15 years ago. Christ has defined me. He has made me new. He has given me purpose. He does define me. Before Christ, I enjoyed my life. But […]

Safe: Five Minute Fridays

Safe: Five Minute Fridays Our word from Five Minute Fridays is SAFE. We have 5 minutes to write what that word means to us. Here goes. 5,4,3,2,1, – go Once again it’s been an incredible week. Learning so much. My second children’s book, The Kingdom of Thrim, is now on Amazon with NO shipping. I […]

Breathe: Five Minute Fridays

Breathe: Five Minute Fridays I can’t believe one week has gone by so quickly. Breathe. Janis. Breathe. That’s what I always tell others when they say they are stressed, angry, frustrated or just plain tired. Breathe. Why do I use that word to help them and me? Because that is what can bring God into […]

Refine: Five Minute Fridays

Refine: Five Minute Fridays The definition of refine: to free (something, such as metal, sugar, or oil) from impurities or unwanted material. I am joining Kate Motaung today for 5 Minute Fridays. Just 5 minutes to write my thoughts on the word refine. My heart and mind have been grappling with someone’s illness. It has been […]